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Starbucks Malcha Chocolate Latte – A New Taste For a New Year?

These days the weather is so beautiful, if a little cold, and is a perfect time to take a walk and enjoy the morning sun as well as the beautiful sparkling ocean.

I had recently received a coupon from a friend for Starbucks, and I seeing as how I was close to my local store, I decided to go in and see what they were selling for the New Year and use the coupon.

The store was completely empty of customers when I went in, although there were a few drive-thru customers visiting the establishment.

After taking a look at what seem to be new items, I decided to get a Starbucks Malcha Chocolate Latte.

Starbucks has also introduced a number of new mugs, tumblers, and other assorted merchandise to celebrate the impending Year of the Ox, so I had to take a look at those!

A number of the mugs are really interesting!

My favorite is this tumbler with the cow resting at the bottom!

After taking a look at the store, and noticing all of the safety protocols that Starbucks Korea has put in place, my Malcha Chocolate Latte was ready.

The first thing I made sure to do was not make the mistake I did a few weeks ago when I got a drink to go and had all the whipped cream melt was to not have a lid put on top!

Right next to the Starbucks in my neighborhood is a little park with a number of benches as well as climbing apparatus for children. As it was a Sunday morning, the park was deserted, so it was a great place to take a look at the ocean and try the Starbucks Malcha Chocolate Latte.

The drink looked really nice with the green tea powder on top of a white cloud of whipped cream! Also being able to have a fresh looking natural top next to the ocean was such an impressive sight!

According to the Starbucks Korea website, the Malcha Chocolate Latte is made with organic tea from Jeju Island as well as both white chocolate and mocha chocolate. It certainly sounded interesting!

Before I talk about how the drink tasted, I just want to mention that I really enjoy green tea. I mean, I drink green tea almost every day, so it’s not something that I would be opposed to.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy the Malcha Chocolate Latte.

The green tea flavor didn’t mesh well with the milk, and while the whipped cream was nice, once it wasn’t being tasted the drink was less than palatable.

Also, the chocolate flavor was not even noticeable until the drink was almost finished. You can see that a lot of the chocolate had settled on the bottom of the cup, which was quite disappointing.

Fortunately the drink did not spoil the beautiful sunny day, the clear ocean, and the wonderful walk. I suppose that if you really enjoy green tea and milk together then perhaps the Malcha Chocolate Latte might be for you, but it was definitely not my favorite Starbucks drink.

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