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An Ocean of Flavour at Alice Donut

While taking a trip near Busan, I found myself near the amusement park in town, Lotte World. Although I didn’t fancy take a ride on any of the attractions, I decided to find a new place to have coffee.

After looking at the search results, I decided to try Alice Donut. I had never heard of this place, but I thought it might be interesting to try.


Alice Donut is in a food hall just outside the entrance to the Lotte World Amusement Park, and across the road from the Lotte Premium Outlet.


The building itself was quite nice, however I was a bit surprised when I went inside and found that Alice Donut was just in a kiosk.  Despite that, there were some comfortable chairs there, so decided to get a coffee and some donuts to try.


The menu showed a number of wonderful donut images, and I really had a tough time choosing.


Amazingly, some of them looked very similar to the advertisement pictures, and that made it harder to choose.


I also took some time to look at the drink menu.


In the end, I decided to get a café latte, a Haeundae donut, and a Vanilla Custard donut.


While I was waiting for my order, I looked at the giant donut! If only donuts were this big in real life!!


After a short wait, I was able to sit in one of the comfy chairs and take a look at my order.

The café latte didn’t look particularly fancy, as there wasn’t any real latte art on it, so that was a bit disappointing as it seems that everyone does latte art these days.


The donuts on the other hand looked fabulous and tasty!


I decided to start with the Vanilla Custard donut.


The Vanilla Custard donut was a nice, filled donut, with powdered sugar on top. It sure looked as though it was stuffed with the vanilla custard cream.


And it was!  There was so much cream in the donut, and it was tasty with a perfect amount of sweetness and vanilla flavour. The bread for the donut was a bit chewy with a nice give to it, and the dough tasted fresh and not stale at all.


Next, I tried the Haeundae donut. Haeundae is South Korea’s premier beach area, and a very popular spot in summertime.


The Haeundae donut comes with a blue starfish chocolate, a pink mermaid’s tail chocolate, and little chocolate pearls, as well as a beautiful ocean glaze on the top.


The Haeundae donut is also filled with the cream, although less because it is a ring donut. The cream was very similar to the Vanilla Custard cream. Interestingly, it tasted like the blue glaze had a soda flavour to it, which made for an interesting combination.


I also enjoyed the café latte I had with the donuts. It wasn’t anything special but had a nice mild flavour to it that didn’t overpower the donuts.


While I liked both donuts, I found that the Vanilla Custard donut was the better of the two for me. That being said, the Haeundae donut has an outstanding look, and I was very impressed with the design.  You could certainly do worse than Alice Donut if you are looking for a place to have a sweet treat.







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