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Two Chip Flavors Are Twice as Nice!

We all have our various comfort foods in life. Some of us love chocolate, some of us love cake, and others love fried rice!

For Koreans, fried rice with kimchi is a popular comfort food and a nice convenient staple at a good price in many restaurants. Usually, the kimchi fried rice is topped with a fried egg.

That’s why I was both shocked and delighted when I discovered that Orion foods had produced a limited-edition potato chip with 2 flavors, Kimchi Fried Rice and Fried Egg.

The package promises two distinct flavors of chips in one package and that claim is absolutely true! Upon opening the package, it was clear that there were two different types of chips inside. One was dusted in a red seasoning, and the other looked more like a regular plain potato chip.

It was a little hard to decide which to try first; the kimchi fried rice chips, the fried egg chips, or mixing the two together to see what the combination of the two would be.

I made the hard choice and decided to start with the kimchi fried rice chips. The first few that I ate had a nice, mild, kimchi flavor to them, with a welcoming slight ting of sourness to them, as so often occurs with really good kimchi. They weren’t overly spicy, certainly not compared to some of the barbecue chips that I have eaten over the years. In fact, I think the kimchi fried rice chips could have used a higher level of spice. They were tasty, but they could have been better.

Next, I tried the fried egg chips. The marvels of modern culinary chemistry were on full display here, as they really did taste like the yellow yolk of a fried egg! It always amazes me how people are able to create such unique and accurate flavors. These chips were very good, and I wouldn’t change anything about them.

Finally, it was time to go for the whole meal and try the two different types of chips together. The combination was good, but I think that the fried egg chips overpowered the kimchi fried rice chips. As I mentioned above, a higher level of spice on the kimchi fried rice chips would have made for a better experience.

I would definitely recommend giving these a try if you can find them, if only to see how the fried egg chips actually replicate the taste of egg yolk. The opportunity to go back and forth between the two different flavors or mix and match various sizes of the two flavors means that this snack gives you much more variety than just a regular one-flavor bag of potato chips.

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