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A Double Dose of Tasty Jams From Aunt Mae’s

Sometimes the simplest foods are often the best. I really enjoy nothing better than some toast, butter, and then jam on top as a wonderful snack or as part of a nice and filling breakfast.

A friend from Canada recently sent me a jar of jam and a jar of jelly. The two come from a called Kitchen Kuttings in Elmira, Ontario, and they have labeled it Aunt Mae’s Home Style.

The first type is a jar of Raspberry Jam.

And the second is Elderberry Jelly. I had never tried this type of jelly before, so I was very interested to see what it tasted like.

First I got my bread ready.

Then I opened up the two different jars.

The raspberry jam looked a bit thicker, and you could see the seeds inside.

The elderberry jelly was a little thinner, and looking at the ingredients, it only uses elderberry juice, so I was very curious what the taste would be like.

As the bread was toasting, I was, as always, getting very hungry from the smell from the toaster.

Finally, the bread was ready, and I added some butter first so that it would be nice and melted.

I slathered on some elderberry jelly.

And then did the same with the raspberry jam.

The pair of toast looked very wonderful and delicious.

The first one I tried was the elderberry jelly. This had a light flavour, and there was a hint of flowers to the taste. It was also quite sweet, and it almost tasted like grape jelly. This was nice, but I was not really surprised by the flavour and I guess I was hoping for something more.

The raspberry jam was okay as well. It again was very sweet, and I wonder about the ratio of fruit to sugar in the recipe. It did taste like raspberries, but I have had many other jams or preserves that have a much less sweet flavour which allows the fruit to shine through.

While I did enjoy the two offerings from Kitchen Kuttings, I believe that they could have been better. If you like a really sweet jam or jelly, then finding your way to this small location in Ontario, Canada, might be good for you. Otherwise, there are many, many other choices if you prefer a more fruit-filled jam or jelly.

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