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Spring is Here at Starbucks

With Valentine’s Day officially over, Starbucks in Korea has now added some spring drinks and merchandise to their regular line-up.

As it was another beautiful day, I decided to walk down to the local store and try out two of the new spring drinks.

Entering the store, I was greeted by a big sign advertising one of the new products, the Choux Cream Latte.

Above the counter was also the big sign for another new drink, the Pink Dragon Fruit Lemonade.

These two were the ones that I was really interested in trying, so I placed my order and checked out the new merchandise that Starbucks Korea has for sale.

Starbucks has rolled out another collection of tumblers, mugs, and more to pick up and enhance the feeling that spring is here.

There was even a new blend of coffee to buy the Starbucks Spring Season Blend.

After finishing looking at all the new items, my order was ready and I went upstairs to try them.

The Pink Dragon Fruit Lemonade looked very interesting. Despite being a little small, it had a wonderful pink hue to it, and you could see the dragon fruit seeds in the bottom. There were also pieces of dragon fruit and aloe jelly in the bottom to add some interesting texture to the drink.

The flavor of the Pink Dragon Fruit Lemonade was really good. It wasn’t too sweet and had just enough tartness to make you feel like it was a real class of lemonade without being too sour. One of the things I was really glad about was the fact that it wasn’t too sweet because Starbucks here in Korea, and I imagine in other countries, has a habit of making a lot of their specialty drinks very sweet.

Next, I tried the Choux Cream Latte. Choux pastries are a popular dessert here in South Korea, and they are often filled with a variety of creams. Choux cream is a custard mix that is used here, and you can also get choux pastry with whipped cream or chocolate cream inside them.

The Starbucks Choux Cream Latte was very sweet. The espresso that is in the drink is virtually untastable, as the drink starts with cool, thick, sweet, whipped cream on the top, and as you get down to the actual drink the custard flavor starts to take over.

As you can see, there is a yellow-colored syrup at the bottom of the mug, and that is the choux cream-flavored custard that I was talking about.

I much preferred the Pink Dragon Fruit Lemonade, despite the large amount of ice that was in the small glass. This was reminiscent of the drink I had the last time I was at Starbucks. The refreshing fruit flavors, the blend of sweet and tart, and the jelly at the bottom made for a very interesting and tasty beverage.

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