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Kimchi Ramen Potato Chips!

I was shopping recently at one of our local grocery stores, and I saw a new variety of potato chips.

Looking at the package in the store, I figured that they would have to be tasty, and match the flavor that is advertised, because the chips are made by the Nong Shim company. Nong Shim is one of South Korea’s biggest ramen producers, and arguably the most famous.

The package features wonderful imagery, with pictures of ramen, kimchi, and Nong Shim’s own Kimchi Ramen package on the front of this brightly colored bag.

I finished up my shopping and went home to try these new crisps.

Opening the bag, the smell of kimchi ramen immediately came out! You can see the little red flakes that make up ramen seasoning from Nong Shim, even by just looking in the bag.

I poured some out on a plate to get a better look.

The potato chips had a nice golden color to them.

The little red pepper flakes were even more evident when you look at a crisp up close.

Getting a bowl ready, I poured some cola to enjoy with these new chips.

These potato chips really do have the flavor of Nong Shim’s famous Kimchi Ramen. The seasoning on the chips is lightly spiced, with the same level of heat as the ramen, and the salty taste matches the ramen as well.

One thing I would say about these potato chips is the crisps themselves. They are not very sturdy, and the potatoes don’t taste like they are the best for making potato chips. The crunch factor is not great as well, and it’s almost like the chips are a bit stale.

The Nong Shim Kimchi Ramen Potato Chips have an excellent flavor, perfectly matching the advertised taste. However, the actual chips could use a major upgrade.If the potatoes get better, thicker, and crunchier, this would be an amazing snack!

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