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KFC Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger is So Savory

It seems like every week there is something new for me to try at one of the more popular or famous chain restaurants here in South Korea. I’m not sure if it’s because they want to have customers keep coming in the door (a high possibility), or if they are just feeling particularly creative, but regardless, there is lots to experience.

KFC Korea has gone back in the lab and come up with a new and tasty concoction! Unlike the Ghost Hunter Burger that I tried last month, this time the new creation 100% lives up to the billing that KFC has promised.

This time, KFC has produced the Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger, and it is indeed a tasty, flavorful, and savory for all the people who enjoy a good chicken burger.

Driving to KFC, it was a lovely spring Sunday morning. In hindsight, I really should have had a picnic outside to enjoy this delicious chicken burger, but it wasn’t until I had already returned home that I even thought about it... :(

The picture on the LED screen in KFC shows a wonderfully thick chicken patty, with a hash potato and three different types of sauces on it. I wasn’t really able to identify the top sauce, although it might have been a pepper-mayo sauce based on the picture. The other two sauces were clearly labeled as a Potato Cheese sauce and Gravy.

KFC was selling a special pack that included two Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burgers, one order of Cajun Fries, two Chicken Tenders, and two Cokes for only 11,900 won (about $10.75 US) which is a very good price considering how much all that food would cost a la carte.

I unpacked all the food to get a good look at my soon to be feast, and it was quite a spread!

The Cajun Fries were still very impressive. I’ve written about these before, and they are still flavorful with a nice crispy texture and not too much oil on them.

The Chicken Tenders were just as meaty as the last time I had them, and they were cooked very well too! Being not too crispy and not too soft, they worked perfectly with the honey-mustard sauce that KFC provides.

The Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger was the star of the show however. The Burger starts with a very substantial chicken patty that has a very nice crispy coating to it. There is also a slight bit of heat to the patty but not so much so that it overwhelms the rest of the sandwich. The patty was juicy and tasty!

The bun is a little different seemed to be a brioche style bun. It was also very soft and tasty, although it had been a little bit soaked by the sauces by the time I had arrived home.

The three sauces really add a high level of richness to the Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger. The gravy has a nice mixture of spices in it, and the Potato Cheese Sauce adds some extra flavor to the sandwich.

The hash potato on top didn’t add much to the overall flavor of the burger. It wasn’t very crispy, and with all the sauces on the burger it was actually very soggy. Honestly, the Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger would have been just as good, or better even, without the hash potato.

For me though, the Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger was really delicious! I would definitely try it again as the sauces that they include on the burger really enhance the flavor of the ample chicken patty. The Kentucky Chicken Gravy Burger is a winner for me!

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