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The KFC Ghost Hunter – Is It Scary Spicy?

One of the things I really enjoy when I am eating is spicy food. For me, the spicier the better is my motto when is comes to the heat of food!

That’s why I was really excited when KFC Korea was advertising a special chicken burger here called the Ghost Hunter! The company has advertised it as having real ghost pepper sauce on the burger, and I was absolutely over the moon in my desire to try it!

After arriving at the local KFC here in Ulsan, I was really impressed by the advertisement they had on the LCD screen of the burning flames engulfing the Ghost Hunter Burger. I ordered one meal with their new Cajun Fries, a Coke, and also a 6 piece of order of Chicken Tenders which I had a discount coupon for.

When the food was ready, I chose a table that was far away from other diners and prepared to enjoy my lunch.

The Cajun Fries were just as good as the first time I tried them. The flavor was very rich, and this time were actually a little better because they were hot and fresh as opposed to being a little cold from driving home with them.

Next, I tried the Chicken Tenders. I hadn’t eaten these for a long time because I found that KFC’s tenders had become worse and worse over time. They seemed to be getting smaller, and as such were always too crispy and crunchy after cooking.

This time however, it was different. Each tender seemed a little bigger than recent memory, and as such they were a good mixture of a crispy outside and a nice meaty center. The honey mustard sauce that KFC Korea gives with each order is a welcome addition to the Chicken Tenders, and I really enjoyed eating these morsels of chicken.

Finally it was time for the main event! The Ghost Hunter Burger was waiting for me, and the ghost pepper sauce looked nice and orange just under the top bun. More importantly, the sauce looked plentiful, foreshadowing a hot and spicy meal.

The Ghost Hunter Burger starts with a layer of ghost pepper sauce on the bottom, and on top is a very meaty and substantial chicken patty made of leg meat. This makes the chicken much juicier and more tender than a patty made of chicken breast.

On top of the chicken is a relish sauce. Above that is a hash potato patty, just like I wrote about for McDonalds 1955 Hash Brown burger. Finally, there is some onion, lettuce, and another helping of ghost pepper sauce.

Up front, the Ghost Hunter Burger was quite tasty. The meat was very good, and the vegetables were fresh. The hash potato patty didn’t add much to the mix and was a bit soggy. If it had been crispy it would have been much better! The chicken was also very well cooked and was juicy and flavorful.

However, the Ghost Hunter Burger was not that spicy. There was a nice level of heat, but it certainly didn’t have a super spicy sauce as you would expect considering it is supposed to be made from a pepper that was at one point the hottest in the world.

For 7,500 won (close to $7 US) I might try it again. It was tasty, although there are other burgers on the KFC menu that might be a better deal for the price you pay.

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