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G7 Instant Cappuccino Mocha – More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Waking up in the morning, sometimes I’m just not in the mood to get the drip coffee going, or grind some beans, or slowly watch the water filter slowly through the coffee. While it is magical to go through the ritual, occasionally it’s better to just reach for an instant coffee and get your day started.

Today, when I put my hand out, a package of G7 Instant Cappuccino Mocha found its way into my hand. From Vietnam, the package looks wonderful, with a the dark, rich, color of coffee as the backdrop and a very beautiful latte art image adorning the front of the package.

At 18 grams, it’s a pretty substantial instant coffee package.

On the back, there is a nice, simple, set of instructions, and its just 150 ml of hot water added and then you stir.

I opened up the package and was mesmerized by the nice color mixture of the coffee and creamer.

The mixture looked just as nice when I slowly poured it in to my mug.

Finally the kettle had finished boiling, and I poured the water into the mug I had chosen. The water mixed slowly with the coffee mix, and a gentle, comforting, aroma filled my kitchen.

As the spoon went to work, the fascinating colors mixed together to create the drink.

After mixing, some fragile bubbles were on top, with one even containing a little bit of the dried mixture.

The first taste of the G7 Instant Cappuccino Mocha was nice. The dried milk products were nicely mixed, and there is a subtle hint of mocha and coffee in the mix.

As I continued drinking, I could taste a few notes of vanilla in the coffee as well as the slight bitterness of the beans themselves.

As I slowly savored and finished the G7 Instant Cappuccino Mocha, I was very satisfied. The mix has a nice blend of both creamer, sugar, coffee, cocoa powder, and mocha flavor. I really like the little hints of coconut that come from the use of coconut oil in the creamer.

The G7 Instant Cappuccino Mocha was a great way to start my day, and I would be happy to do it again!

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