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Find Your 2022 Summer Taste at Starbucks Korea

The weather is heating up here in South Korea, and that means that is it time for some new early summer drinks to be sold and promoted at Starbucks Korea.

The company has come up with three different drinks, and a couple of desserts, and I definitely plan on trying them all in the next month or so.

Fortunately I’ve already crossed one drink, the Punch Graffiti Blended, and one dessert, the Tiramisu Cream Danish, off the list to try!

As always, Starbucks Korea is selling some new merchandise, at quite high prices, to celebrate the impending heatwave of summertime.

The Punch Graffiti Blended is Starbucks Korea’s way of trying to appeal to street culture, or so they would have you believe. This drink is a blend of mango, apple, pink guava, and pineapple, and has a bright yellow hue to it. The drink also has some interesting gel like streaks going down the inside of the glass, which is the graffiti that is mentioned in the name of the drink.

Now, I’m not sure how much this drink really represents street culture and a hip, fresh, image, but it certainly is colorful!

The Tiramisu Cream Danish is a chocolate Danish with cocoa powder and I guess a light dusting of coffee powder, and it is chock full of mascarpone milk cream. It does look really delicious in the picture, and I think mascarpone is wonderful in its texture and taste.

As always, how the items taste is the key to enjoying them, no matter how fun or tasty they look.

The Punch Graffiti Blended had a nice, refreshing, tropical flavor to it. It was very heavy on the mango, and it was hard to notice the other fruits in the mixture. I tried some of the graffiti jelly that was inside the glass, but it didn’t have any taste to it besides being a bit sweet. Seeing as the weather was hot, this drink was quite suitable after a long walk, or if you are enjoying a warm day at the beach.

The Tiramisu Cream Danish turned out to be a 50-50 proposition. The Mascarpone milk cream was absolutely wonderful. It was light, tasty, and very fresh and creamy. The rest of the Danish was not very impressive. The bread tasted like it was stale, and didn’t have a good flavor of chocolate to it. The dusting of cocoa and coffee were okay, and added some contrast to the Mascarpone cream.

I think that these two items are passable, and the Punch Graffiti Blended would be great for someone who likes mangos and is enjoying the hot weather and wants to cool down. The Tiramisu Cream Danish is not something that I will try again, and if weren’t for the cream, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Overall, these two items could have been better, but I’m sure they’ll find people who enjoy them.

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