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Burger King Halloween Whopper – Twice the Spice is Twice as Nice!

As I have mentioned in many previous posts, I am always interested in the promotions that various restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants, come up with.

This year, Halloween will be quite subdued in my countries around the world. In Korea Halloween has never been a huge holiday, although it is slowly gaining in popularity.

Fortunately, Burger King is doing there best to try and put a fright into their customers by selling the “Halloween Whopper”.

Going there, we knew that we would have to get two hamburgers since one was going to be the Halloween Whopper which is rumored to be very spicy, I figured that we might as well get a Jalapeño Whopper Jr. as well.

After a quick look at the US Burger King website, I didn’t see anything that really matched the supposed spice level of the Halloween Whopper, so I know it must be interesting!

Stopping by the closest location to us in Ulsan, we put our order in, waited, and then drove home to enjoy hopefully tastebud exploding burgers!

The Halloween Whopper was very hefty taking it out of the bag. The Jalapeño Whopper Jr. was considerably less weighty, but I had hope that it would make up for it in the taste department.

The first thing to note about the Halloween Whopper is that the bun is black. This is just like the Guinness Whopper that I reviewed a few weeks ago and in fact the Halloween Whopper is part of the Guinness Whopper family tree (confused yet????).

After cutting in half to get a cross-section view, it was very apparent that the chicken piece and the beef patty were quite substantial for a Burger King burger. Also, the jalapeños and spicy sauce were also clearly on display!

The first bites were quite nice! If you like a decent level of heat, then the Halloween Whopper might be for you. The red sauce tasted a lot like the Korean Go-chu-jjang that is quite common here. That, mixed with the jalapeños made for a suitable kick that wasn’t overpowering.

The bun was nice and soft, and held together nicely despite the large amount of toppings. The chicken piece had a coating that was very similar to the chicken nuggets at Burger King. This was a little disappointing because a crunchier coating might have added some very interesting texture to the Halloween Whopper.

Sadly, the beef was almost unnoticeable with all the other flavors going on in the Halloween Whopper, and I think that it was just there to add heft and price to the whole thing.

With the Jalapeño Whopper Jr. you could also see the jalapeños when you cut into it. However the flavor of the jalapeños and the spice level was nothing compared to the Halloween Whopper. In fact, the most prominent flavor was the ketchup on the Jalapeño Whopper Jr., which was a little disappointing.

Overall, it was a satisfying fast-food meal, but I think that the Halloween Whopper was not as devilish as advertised, and that the Jalapeño Whopper Jr. didn’t really live up to its name.

The Halloween Whopper is currently available at Burger King in Korea until November 1st.

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