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Guinness? A Whopper? A Guinness Whopper???

Fast food is one of those wonderful luxuries that we can sometimes afford in life. I have to admit that I probably eat more than my fair share of fast food. However as it often works for me as a comfort food I find it easy to say yes!

One of the great things about Korean fast food chains is that they are often trying something new! Such is the case with Burger King's Guinness Whopper (기네스와퍼). Now, I'll be honest, it's not as unique and special as the Chocolate Whopper that Burger King is offering in Taiwan, but it certainly was tasty!

From the outside, the Guinness Whopper doesn't look any different than other burgers from Burger King, although they do have the special wrapper as you can see above. Inside however is where the magic happens with this unique special offering!

With bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce, it starts off life a pretty standard Whopper. But the Guinness Barbecue Sauce, and the bun with some Guinness infused flavor make this a really outstanding example of delicious fast food fare (and please don't let the squashed appearance fool you, it got a bit pushed down while driving home!)

I have to admit, the black bun is something that might not be appealing to everyone visually, but this was one tasty burger! The barbecue sauce has a little extra kick thanks to the Guinness in it, and the other ingredients work well together.

To be fair, this is not the only food that people will have Guinness in. I have even cooked with Guinness in a beef stew as well, and it was delicious.

I'm sure I'll be trying some more of Burger King's unique offerings soon, but for now if you are in Korea make sure to try the Guinness Whopper (or the Guinness Mushroom Whopper) if you get the chance!

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