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A Trio of Drip Brews From JBNC Premium Coffee

It seems that these days, companies are always finding easier ways to let us have our coffee and caffeine fixes. From pods to drip bags to sticks, it seems like there are so many choices when you just don’t feel like grinding some beans.

While browsing online, I found a brand of coffee that I had not heard of before, JBNC Premium Coffee. The ads looked interesting, so I decided to take a chance and order their boxset and see what it tasted like.

When I opened the box, there was large silver tin staring back at me.

It was quite easy to see that the company that was selling this coffee was JBNC.

I opened up the tin, and on top were some cards detailing what types of coffee were inside, and also how to make the coffee.

The three types of coffee that are inside the tin are: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Yemen Mattari, and Kenya AA.

The coffee pouches are very nicely arranged in a pinwheel fashion inside the tin.

After taking a look at each of the pouches, which come in three different colours, I decided on the Yemen Mattari coffee for my first try.

The Yemen Mattari coffee is, according to JBNC, sweet with a full body and a fair level of acidity, with less aroma and balance.

I opened up the little package, and inside saw the nice drip funnel to put around my mug.

The scent of the coffee was very pleasant.

Looking at the coffee, it is not finely ground.

As my kettle finished boiling, I was more than ready to begin pouring the water.

Well, my kitchen was filled with a warm and comfortable aroma, and as I anxiously waited for the mug to fill, which took about 6 refills of the little funnel, I was really enjoying the smells.

Looking at the coffee, it has a nice light and rich colour to it.

Finally, it was time to taste the coffee.

The Yemen Mattari has a really nice flavour to it! There is a very light chocolate taste, and a comfortable fruitiness to it.

The acidity is actually quite low, and the aftertaste is pleasant on the tongue, with no burning or acrid flavour noticeable.

The coffee is also quite sweet, and overall, a very friendly cup of coffee.

I really enjoyed the JBNC Yemen Mattari coffee. I can’t wait to try the other two, and I will make sure to update this post as I try them!

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