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A Treat to Behold, Starbucks Chocolate Snow Panettone

Sometimes a treat or dessert just looks so good that you don’t even want to try it. Part of it is for fear of disturbing the beautiful visage of the dessert, and also for fear of the dessert being much last tasty than you expected it to be.

Such was the case when I recently went to Starbucks to try some of their Christmas drinks, and saw the Chocolate Snow Panettone.

Now, my first question was, what is a panettone? After a quick Google search, I found out that it was an Italian sweet bread. I’m not sure if in Italy that they put chocolate on top, but it is the way that Starbucks here in Korea is making them.

After deciding to buy it, after rejecting the other special Christmas desserts that Starbucks was offering.

The Chocolate Snow Panettone that Starbucks is selling comes in a clear plastic case, so that the dessert is on full display when you buy it.

As we weren’t hungry when we were in the Starbucks location, we decided to take the Chocolate Snow Panettone home and try it later that day.

After taking it out of the bag, which I thought looked very funny being a little crumpled, the dessert looked really good.

Upon opening the plastic container, the smell of rich chocolate filled the air.

The chocolate pieces are shaped to be what I imagine is snowflakes. The chocolate was delicately arranged upon the bread, and they were quite solidly attached so that only a few fell off, although this did make me imagine that the snow was falling!

The bread itself looked a lot like a mushroom! I imagine that it is the shape of the pan that causes the bread to look like this, but it made me imagine that the bread was very similar to a Smurf house!

Finally, it was time to cut into the Chocolate Snow Panettone and give it a try.

The bread had a light sweetness to it, and was only a little bit dry, which is quite impressive considering that it is a store bought dessert.

The chocolate on top was quite sweet, although there was a higher level of dark chocolate than just milk chocolate. This made it feel fancier to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Putting the chocolate and the bread together makes for a really wonderful treat. The chocolate works well with the bread, which is only a touch sweet, and the bread balances out the sugar in the chocolate.

I was originally skeptical of this Starbucks dessert, but the Chocolate Snow Panettone turned out to be quite good. A nice blend of sweet chocolate and bread was very enjoyable, and definitely was a sight to behold.

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