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A Tasty Roast From VietCoffee – Saigon Espresso Blend

A while ago I had written about some coffee beans that my brother had purchased for me from Ho Chi Minh City when we was there on business. Recently, he had someone send him another bag of beans that he was very kind to share with me, and I thought I should definitely give them a try and see how they compared to the previous blend.

The company that is roasting the beans is called VietCoffee, and the blend is the Saigon Espresso. According to a website I found, the blend contains robusta, catimor, and moka arabica beans.

Taking a look at the package and doing a little bit of translating, the package says that it is good for espresso, cappuccino, drip coffee, or a brewing coffee.

Finished reading the package, I decided to ground up the beans and give it a try!

After breaking out my trusty coffee bean grinder I opened the package.

It came with a really nifty opening tab, which made it easier to reseal as I didn’t grind all the beans at once.

The aroma from inside the package was wonderful. That heavenly, rich, dark coffee bean smell was wafting through the air, and I was really excited to give the coffee a try.

First though, was grinding the beans. It didn’t take too long, but the smell made it even harder to wait for the brewing of the coffee.

After I had finished grinding the beans, it was time to load up the coffee maker and wait for the magic to happen.

I put in the filter, loaded it up with enough coffee, and turned it on.

My kitchen soon filled with that wonderful scent of coffee, and I was full of anticipation, waiting to try the Saigon Espresso from VietCoffee.

After what seemed like a wait that was much too long, the coffee was finally ready, and I poured it into my trusty Dubai mug!

The taste of the coffee was really outstanding! It wasn’t too strong, which was interesting because the website advertised it as being a darker roast. For me it was a nice mild blend, with a low acidity and a nice subtle aftertaste. There were hints of cherry and orange in the beans, as well as a little bit of a chocolate note. The coffee was not at all bitter, and I really enjoyed the brew.

I definitely enjoyed the Saigon Espresso blend from VietCoffee. I will be more than happy to grind up the rest of the beans and use it for my morning coffee for the foreseeable future. The only sad part is that I will not be able to get more for a while, but I guess that means I’ll just have to try some different coffee!

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