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More Delicious Coffee From Mori Specialty Coffee!

Before 2020, my brother spent a lot of time traveling for business. While it is tough on him to travel so frequently, he does enjoy it and he also enjoys bringing back a number of wonderful treats for the family. On one of his trips to Vietnam, he visited the Mori Specialty #coffee roastery in Ho Chi Minh City and picked up a bag of coffee beans for me.

This particular package of beans, as you can see in the photo above, is filled with a variety they call VN Espresso. I was very excited to try this, and as I cut open the package a wonderfully light aroma of coffee with just a tinge of sweetness filled the air.

At a nice 250 grams, I was sure that this would provide me with almost a week of wonderful coffee goodness! The company seems to be quite deliberate when it comes to their beans, as they have both body and acidity rankings for each of their beans.

As I fired up my bean grinder to start working on these Mori Coffee beans, I have to say that I was very excited at the prospect of a warm, rich, cup of coffee!

After going through about 5 runs of grinding, I had the beans ready to drink for the next few days. The smell was absolutely fantastic, and as the water began to filter over the grounds, my energy level was already increasing!

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, although in reality it was only 5 minutes, the coffee was brewed and ready.

Now, some people might disagree with the way that I enjoy my coffee, and that’s fine, but I do enjoy it with some milk starting in the bottom of my mug. Today I went for my extra-large Abu Dhabi mug to make sure that I didn’t have to go back right away for a refill.

As the coffee poured into the mug, it gently mixed with the milk, slowly changing the cover in ever darkening shades. The scent was fabulous, and my taste buds were (in my imagination I hope!) actually dancing at the prospect of tasting this coffee!

The Mori Coffee Company certainly did not disappoint with these beans. When mixed with the milk it created a wonderfully soft and delicate coffee with just a hint of honey tones that I really, really enjoyed. Interestingly, even though the package says it is a Robusta bean, it was not very bitter, which I attribute to the process that the company describes as ‘Honey’.

I am hoping that soon I will be able to travel again. If I do, I’m looking forward to a trip to Vietnam so I can enjoy both beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and I hope a trip to the Mori Specialty Coffee Company so that I can buy some more of these tasty beans!

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