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A Real Eyeful of Halloween Madeleines at Starbucks Korea

As I have written about before, Starbucks Korea has really gone all out for the Halloween season in terms of treats, drinks, and merchandise. There were the creative cakes and also the colorful drinks. Starbucks hasn’t stopped at just those two areas of edibles, however.

They have also added a pair of creepy madeleines, and they are somehow both cute and disgusting at the same time.

The two madeleines in question are the Halloween Butter Madeleine and the Halloween Chocolate Madeleine.

They come pre-packaged, and while this might be a concern, there is also a freshness date on the back of the package, so you can tell if they will still have the proper level of tastiness.

The two madeleines come with a thick icing coating as well as an adorable pair of eyes, well at least at first glance.

When you zoom in closer to these two treats, you can see that the eyes are decorated with creepy red veins, giving a bloodshot effect to the madeleine faces!

The Halloween Butter Madeleine comes with a white layer of icing on top, and the eyes are orange. This color of eyes does make the veins harder to notice, but up close they are definitely there. One thing I found very interesting was that the one I bought had a cute little nose on it! This seemed to be a mistake in production, because the Halloween Chocolate Madeleine had no such nose, and on the Starbucks website there are no noses in the images.

Speaking of the Halloween Chocolate Madeleine, it comes with a thick layer of chocolate icing, and the eyes are white, which allows the aforementioned veins to be much clearer and scarier!

After comparing these two desserts side-by-side, I decided to cut them in half.

Then, I went a bit mad scientist on the now dissected madeleines and placed one of half of each next to the other, which created an even more nasty effect! Poor madeleines!

Finished playing, I it was time to try these two desserts.

The Halloween Butter Madeleine actually didn’t taste like butter, but instead had a nice lemon taste to it. It was a bit dry, and almost cake-like in its texture. It definitely held its shape, making it easy to eat the whole way through. The eyes were just chocolate, and while adding a lot of visual appeal for the season, didn’t add a lot in the taste department.

The Halloween Chocolate Madeleine also had a nice flavor, a deep rich cocoa taste. It was slightly more bitter than milk chocolate, but not like a high percentage dark chocolate. Again, the eyes looked great, but there was already enough chocolate to go around with the chocolate icing and madeleine base.

While I liked both of these treats, the Halloween Butter Madeleine was the better one for me. I really liked the subtle lemon flavor, and it was balanced through. That being said, if you love chocolate, then the Halloween Chocolate Madeleine would definitely be the better pick for you!

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