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A Pair of Snacks From Cebu!

Today I am very happy, because my friend just came back from Cebu in the Philippines, and they brought me all sorts of wonderful snacks and coffee to try.

The first two that I decided to try were the Sponge Crunch from Oishi, and the Yummy Mango Cube.

The Sponge Crunch, which is the party size, has a package that just screams chocolate, especially because it states that the snack is “A Choco Soaked Snack”.

The back of the package is pretty uneventful, as it just has storage descriptions, ingredients, and nutritional facts.

The Yummy Mango Cube packaging is actually less impressive. While the package does show some mango images, there’s nothing else that really makes you want to enjoy it.

The back has even less material on it, not even ingredients, and only a truncated nutritional chart.

When I opened the Sponge Crunch package, the snack inside looked very similar to the package, and they were like little mini chocolate donuts.

The Yummy Mango Cubes looked exactly like the package because there is a transparent window on the front of the package.

Putting some out on a plate, the snacks looked much better than in the bag. In particular the Yummy Mango Cubes had a much better colour than in the package, and really look like pieces of mango.

First I tried a mango cube.

These were actually really tasty, as they had a strong mango flavour that was quite natural. The was a nice chewiness to them, although there were more like a hard jelly than mango in texture. Also, they were not overly sweet so it wasn’t hard to enjoy many of them at one time.

Next, I tried the Sponge Crunch.

These were a little bit less enjoyable. They tasted and felt like some chocolate cereal, or very similar to wafer snacks that people enjoy. They were very easy to eat, and they almost melted in my mouth, although there was a bit of crispiness to them at the beginning.

If I had to choose, I would definitely take the Yummy Mango Cube over the Sponge Crunch. The fruit flavour in the mango snack was much better than the chocolate flavour in the Sponge Crunch.

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