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A Korean Kraft Snack!

One of the interesting things about Korea is that foreign companies often have to make arrangements with local companies to be able to do business successfully here. Kraft Foods has made such an arrangement with the Samlip company here in Korea.

The product I tried today is labeled in English as Kraft CREAM CHEESE, but as you can see from the first picture there is a lot more going on here than just simple cream cheese!

Looking at the Korean writing, you can see that the product is actually labeled as 크림치즈 소보루. Soboro-bread (소보로빵) in Korea is a streusel-based dessert that is readily found here! You can get a variety of fillings in these Soboro-breads including peanut butter, custard, and chocolate cream.

This particular dessert was quite rich and tasty. I think that it had been on the shelf for a little while as the bread was a bit dry, but from my previous experiences with Soboro-bread when it is fresh it is outstanding! The cream cheese inside was a pleasant surprise, as I was not expecting it to be as delicious as it was. For a snack that's only around 1,000 won (84 cents US) it was quite filling and worth the price!

Enjoy your day, and I hope you can have as nice a snack with your coffee as I did!

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