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A Fruit-Filled Nosh – Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells and London Fruit and Herb Peach Paradise

It’s very nice to have friends, especially when those friends send you gift packages! One of my friends who lives in England recently sent me a wonderful gift box with some amazing treats in it.

For a snack, one of those treats was Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells. It was a nice morning, so I decided to pair the bakewells with some Peach Paradise tea I had found at the local store on sale. Given that both of them are produced in the United Kingdom, I figured they would be a perfect pairing with a wonderful fruit theme!

I had to research what a Bakewell tart is, and according to what I found it is a shortcrust pastry shell, filled with jam, frangipane (an almond-flavored custard), and usually a topping of almond flakes. Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells follow this style, although on top there is a layer of icing and a half cherry placed on top of the icing.

There are six tarts in a box, and after opening it up, I was very impressed that they were still intact, despite being shipped almost halfway around the world by the regular postal service!

After gently removing the tarts from the foil casing that they are baked in, it was time to give the Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells a try!

And they are delicious! The cherry flavor is evident in the jam, there is a hint of almond from the frangipane, and the icing on top is sweet and wonderfully tasty. The cherry on top does make it even better!

The Peach Paradise tea that I paired it with is from a company called London Fruit and Herb. They have a wide variety of different teas according to their website, and it seems like a lot of them do not have caffeine in them, so if you are looking for a nice non-caffeinated tea, then perhaps one of their products might satisfy you.

The Peach Paradise tea comes in a package of 20, and I was able to pick it up cheap, so I was very happy about that.

After opening the tea bag package, I put it into the mug, and then poured the water on top.

An explosion of peach fragrance filled the air. This was actually very impressive as there is not much peach listed in the ingredients.

After waiting for five minutes for the tea to steep, my apartment was filled with the wonderful aroma to peaches.

Taking a sip of the tea, it was indeed very flavorful. The peach taste is very strong, and the tea is also a little sweet as well.

I really enjoyed both of these items. They actually worked very well together and made for a nice morning snack. If you have a chance to travel to the United Kingdom, I would definitely recommend finding some Mr. Kipling products (they are often sold in grocery stores there) and some London Fruit and Herb tea.

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