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Youngman Pizza – Is it More Heroic Than Chicken???

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Last month, I wrote about my Mother’s birthday, and the Tiba Chicken that we had eaten to celebrate her special day. The whole reason that we had the Tiba chicken was because the sponsor for the product was Lim Young-woong, a famous singer here in South Korea, and my Mom’s favorite these days.

Luckily for her, Lim Young-woong is also a spokesperson for Youngman Pizza (청년 피자) here in Korea, which means that there is another chance for her to get some more swag featuring her hero!

Finding the location of the Youngman was pretty easy, but it was a real challenge to find a parking spot to pick up our dinner, as the closest shop to my Mom’s house is in an older part of town and the streets are quite narrow and have lots of cars parked on it. Fortunately, I did end up finding a place to park, and we went inside to order.

The shop didn’t have any eat in seating, so we had to order to go, and decided on the Premium Chung-pi Stick set, which came with a large pizza, your choice of bread stick pizza, and a bottle of Coke.

We spent a few minutes walking around the neighborhood and looking at the shop, and then we picked up our order and drove to my Mom’s house to enjoy our lunch!

The amount of different items that came with Young-woong’s image on them was immense, and my Mother was over the moon at the fact that she could decorate her home with his face!

There was the calendar…

The wallet card…

The postcards…

And the pizza boxes themselves!

After we had finished enjoying looking at all the nice gifts, it was time to enjoy our dinner!

The pizza that we had chosen to eat that day was the Beef Holiday Pizza.

The pizza came with a wide range of toppings, including beef strips, bacon, Bulgalbi (a Korean way of preparing rib meat), green peppers, onions, and cheese, as well as some cherry tomatoes.

The pizza was pretty tasty, although it was not very substantial. The crust was thin, and the toppings were a bit sparse despite what the picture shows. The meat was well cooked, and the crust had a nice crisp to it, as well as a little bit of spiciness because of the beef chili sauce on it.

The use of beef chili sauce was a bit unfortunate because the bread stick pizza that we had chosen was the beef chili flavor. They company also has sweet potato cream cheese flavor for their bread stick pizza, which would have been a better choice to provide some variety in the taste.

That being said, the Beef Chili Bread Stick Pizza was tasty as well! With a nice blend of cheese and the beef chili sauce on top, the bread sticks were nice and crispy as well.

Youngman pizza also provides some condiments to enjoy with your pizza. With our order we got a package of Parmesan cheese, some hot sauce, some sweet pickles, and their Chungyang Mayonnaise sauce for dipping.

This dipping sauce is very unusual for South Korea in my experience. Usually the pizza companies provide a garlic dipping sauce and so to have one that is spicy as opposed to savory is unique for me.

The Chungyang Mayonnaise sauce was really tasty and add some extra kick to both the Beef Holiday Pizza and the Beef Chili Bread Stick Pizza.

Youngman pizza was a really enjoyable dinner, although at over 30,000 won for the set it seemed a bit pricy to me, especially because the meal was not overly filling. I think for a family of four the set would not nearly be enough. The taste though was outstanding and we all really enjoyed the food, as well as all the Lim Young-woong gifts!

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