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What a Taste at WhattheBurger

Last month, I was shopping downtown, and as it was rainy and I didn’t feel like driving home and making dinner, I decided to try a new burger restaurant that I had never been to, WhattheBurger.

The name sounds very similar to a hamburger chain in the US, although the article is different in the middle of the name. After looking at the menu of the US chain though, I am sure that they are not related to each other.

The WhattheBurger that I visited was nice and clean, and there menu items were easy to see.

There were a few different burgers to choose from, and after looking at the menu, I decided to try the Meaty Burger, the Sweet WhattheBurger, and I also got some fries and Chewy Cheeseballs.

After ordering, I went to their self-sauce station, and picked up some special sauce and ketchup.

My order quickly was prepared, and I sat down to enjoy the different items and see which one was the best.

The WhattheBurger French fries were quite nice. They keep the skin on them, so they feel heartier, and they had a nice fresh taste to them. The oil must have been fresh, and the fries went great with the ketchup and the special sauce, which turned out to be sriracha mayo.

Next, I tried one of the Chewy Cheeseballs. They use rice cake to make the outside of these, and then add some nice mozzarella cheese in the middle.

They were very chewy, and the taste was okay, although I am not a huge fan of the fried rice cake balls, and much prefer using a bread crumb coating around the cheese.

Burger time! The first burger I tried was the Meaty Burger. This came with a barbecue sauce, plus lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, fried onions, bacon, and cheese. One thing I noticed was that the pickles were sweet pickles, which I really don’t like on burgers. I think the tanginess of dill pickles works much better on a burger.

That being said, the Meaty Burger was quite nice. It was well cooked, and the vegetables were fresh. The bacon had a decent level of saltiness, and the fried onions were not too cooked so there was still a bit of crispiness to them.

The final item I had was the Sweet WhattheBurger. This one was a little different because there was a sweet sauce added to the burger. It also came with lettuce and tomatoes, as well as cheese and the fried onions.

This burger was interesting, as the sweet sauce made it have an unusual flavor for a burger. The sauce actually reminded me of Isaac Toast’s sweet sauce, and it is described as a honey based sauce.

One thing I would have liked was some bacon on this burger, to have some more saltiness to mesh with the sweet honey sauce. I found that this burger was a bit too sweet, and not as enjoyable as the Meaty Burger.

Overall though, it was a very filling and acceptable meal from WhattheBurger. I can see myself going there again, if only for the Sriracha mayo sauce, which is tough to find at restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, here in South Korea.

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