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What a Cafe, What A View!

Being always interested in a good piece of pizza, I heard about Cafe The View which is situated just a few meters away from the beach and ocean here in Ulsan.

Walking up to the restaurant, the cool ocean breeze made for a wonderful respite from the muggy, humid, summer heat that is often ubiquitous here in South Korea from June to August.

With two different outdoor terraces, Cafe The View gives you a variety of vantage points from which to experience the sea, and if that's not your thing there's also seats on both the first and second floor indoors.

With both pizza and coffee options on the menu, Cafe The View offers something for everyone!

We ordered the 50cm pepperoni-Hawaiian pizza option, and it came in a nifty little take out box and included pickles and hot sauce.

The pizza itself was quite tasty. One thing that was interesting is that the dough was actually made with rice flour as opposed to wheat flour. This is an option that some pizza restaurants will use here in South Korea. It does make for a slightly chewier crust, so if that's not something you're interested in, it might not be the best choice for you.

Paired with a nice cool lager this made for a really delicious dinner! You can notice in the photo below a slightly purple-ish tinge to the crust, which is common with the rice flour crusts as some restaurants.

If you ever are interested in a restaurant with some good food and a fantastic view, you should definitely check out Cafe The View!

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