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True Korean-Style Chicken From BHC Chicken

The last time I wrote about BHC Chicken, I had ordered their interesting and somewhat unique Potaking chicken, where the pieces were coating in small strips of fried potatoes to create a truly crispy chicken treat.

Recently I was ordering some dinner from BHC, and as it was only the second time that I had tried the food from this chain, I decided to try their much more traditional Korean-style fried chicken, which we call Yang-nyum Chicken.

I have tried Yang-nyum chicken from a number of different places, so I was interested to see how BHC’s would stack up to the other places.

If you are unfamiliar with Yang-nyum chicken, it is a nice crispy fried chicken that is then coated in a special sauce made with garlic, sugar, gochu-jjang (a thick red pepper paste we use all the time in Korean cooking) and then some other spices as the chef desires.

After ordering on the phone, I waited for the delivery to arrive with my hopefully tasty BHC Chicken!

After about 30 minutes, the chicken finally arrived, I took the box and other items, and was more than ready to dig in.

The BHC order came with a big box of chicken, a small can of Coke, and a box of pickled radishes that come with every chicken order, it seems, in Korea.

Opening up the box, the chicken smelled very good with the sweet and spicy sauce wafting up to tickle my nose and tastebuds.

The first piece of chicken that I tried was a leg. Well, the taste was excellent! The chicken skin was still very crispy underneath, which can be unusual with Yang-nyum chicken, as the sauce often softens the crispy skin quite quickly.

The sauce was also very tasty, with a nice blend of spiciness and sweetness, and it was also very thick and sticky. For me, nothing is worse than a watery yang-nyum sauce, but BHC has made sure that theirs is very thick.

The meat itself was very juicy, and tasted very fresh, as did the oil that the chicken was fried in.

The next piece I had was a thigh or breast (I’m not too good at identifying some of the chicken parts!). This piece tasted just as good, if not better, than the leg! It was again crispy on the outside with that delicious sauce, and the meat was more substantial inside leading to even more juicy goodness!

BHC’s yang-nyum chicken is tasty, crispy, and an excellent example for first timers experiencing Korean style chicken. As chain restaurants go, they do a fantastic job, and I will definitely be ordering it again!

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