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Third Time's a Charm with Kraft Snacks!

There are so many interesting taste combinations that we are lucky enough to get to experience these days. The third dessert that I tried is one of those fascinating combinations.

The Kraft Cream Cheese Mango Danish is certainly an unusual pairing! While you can get cheese with all sorts of fruit in it, it’s a little unusual to have a dessert for only 1,000 won that blends such diverse tastes.

Before opening the package, if you don’t read the Korean, it says again just Kraft Cream Cheese, however the Korean writing reveals the whole title. This might make you a little confused if you just look at the image on the package, because the cream that’s inside the danish could be any number of different varieties.

Now, on the day I tried this, I was actually a little bit scared, as the apartment I live in was swaying back and forth due to a typhoon that was passing through the country! Perhaps the fear heightened my senses, but I found this treat quite delicious!

Having bought this a few days before I tried it, the bread was a little bit stale, but you could tell that a fresh one would be soft and sweet. The mango-cream cheese blend inside was very nice! It had a light fragrant aroma of flowers to it, and the cream was soft and tasty. If anything, I wish there had been more of the cream.

The three desserts that I’ve tried from the collaboration of Samlip and Kraft have all been nice, albeit different. If there’s one thing I wish they did, it would be to better label them in English. The Korean writing is quite explanatory, but if one does not read Korean then you might be very confused about the different fillings (or lack thereof) inside each one as they only say Kraft Cream Cheese on the outside.

I’ll be on the lookout for more of these Kraft treats in the future, and I’m hoping I’ll enjoy them just as much as the first three!

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