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There’s No Scandal With the Food at Burger Scandal

A new hamburger restaurant recently opened near my home. Named Burger Scandal, the storefront promised lots of tasty food as they were doing the construction and preparations for opening.

While eagerly awaiting the opening of the new chain, I tried to do some research online, but couldn’t find the website even though it is reputed to be a chain. I was a little wary about going and trying it given that it had no online presence, but after it opened I decided to give it a shot anyways.

Apart from the interesting name, Burger Scandal has a wide range of menu items, including some you wouldn’t expect at a hamburger restaurant, such as pasta and Tteok-Bok-ki, a Korean rice cake snack served in a spicy sauce.

Seeing as how this was a hamburger restaurant, I decided to try two of their burgers, the My Cheese Burger, and the Golden Bacon Burger.

As I went to the touchscreen to place my order, I noticed I could upgrade the burgers to a special bun, a sealed Brioche bun! I thought this was a really interesting idea, as it looks like a flying saucer, and all the ingredients are contained inside.

While waiting, I looked around the shop at the décor. With a red and white theme, it looked interesting, with some unique slogans and images.

There was even a booth with some giant stuffed animals in, which I’m sure that families will love!

For a new restaurant, I’m sure that there are some kinks to iron out. One of the things at Burger Scandal right now is the pace of the orders. I waited 30 minutes for my order, during which time only other orders were filled. The staff seemed nice enough, but there wasn’t a huge amount of communication going on.

Finally after a long wait, my order was ready, and I went home to enjoy the burgers and fries.

Burger Scandal does not give the same drinks in to-go orders as they do in store, where fountain drinks are served. Instead, cans of soda are included in the order. A regular set comes with a drink and fries, although you can upgrade or add to the different sets.

Getting home, I laid out the food on the counter and took a look at it.

The Golden Bacon burger, with the fascinating bun, looked really interesting. The top was a tad broken, but nothing had leaked out, and I was so curious to give it a try.

Burger Scandal’s French fries are thicker than many fast-food places, and are a crinkle cut. They tasted pretty good, but they were unsalted so I had to add salt myself. The oil used to cook the fries seemed clean and fresh tasting, which was good to note.

Next, I tried the My Cheese Burger. This was a pretty standard cheeseburger, with lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and sauce. The meat tasted fresh, and was quite substantial. I didn’t notice any seasoning on the meat, and a dose of salt and pepper when cooking might make it taste better, but the burger wasn’t bad. The onions were a bit overcooked, as were very, very, soggy, and didn’t have any crispness to them at all.

Finally, I tried the Golden Bacon burger. The first thing I was able to taste was the brioche bun. It was soft, buttery, and I was very impressed with the flavor. Even more impressive was the fact that the bun was able to stand up to the heft of all the toppings inside without falling apart!

The Golden Bacon Burger comes with two patties, cheese, lettuce, onions, and a slice of pineapple, along with the bacon.

Well, this burger was very tasty! The bun added a unique flavor to it, and the pineapple provided a sweet flavor to the salty bacon. The lettuce was crisp, and the meat was delicious too. The onions were the same as on the My Cheeseburger, and didn’t add much to the overall taste.

For me the Golden Bacon burger was the definite winner, but the My Cheese Burger was good too. If Burger Scandal can improve their efficiency, then it could definitely be a go-to burger spot for years to come!

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