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The T.O.P of Maxim Coffee To Go!

Maxim is a brand of coffee that has a long history here in Korea. For many years it was one of the premier brands of instant coffee mixes that you could find in many stores, restaurants, highway rest-stops, and vending machines around the country.

These days, the company has expanded their lineup greatly, as have many other companies that provide coffee here. Pick-me-up coffee drinks are everywhere, and Maxim has a lineup that includes their T.O.P brand. I saw a number of flavors at the local grocery store and decided to pick up two to compare them and figure out which one I thought was the best!

The two flavors that I picked up were called ‘I’m Not Double, I’m Triple’ which is billed as a Triple Espresso Latte, and the other was ‘I’m Not Serious, I’m Nutty’ which is supposed to be a Nutty Caramel Espresso Latte.

The packages for the two look similar, as the both feature a coffee machine pouring coffee into a mug. In the background are a number of images that are very faint.

The I’m Not Double, I’m Triple latte has images that look like they relate to being alert or working well, which I guess makes sense as it is supposed to be a triple shot of espresso inside.

The I'm Not Serious, I'm Nutty container has images that are much more fun or relaxing related, which works with the sweeter more candy style coffee that is inside.

After opening them, I took at look at each of the coffees.

The I’m Not Double, I’m Triple is a much darker color, which seems to fit as it does not have the peanut added or the caramel flavoring to make it sweeter.

The I’m Not Serious, I’m Nutty is much lighter in color, and has a strong peanut aroma. You can almost smell the sugar wafting off of the top of the drink!

On to the taste! The I’m Not Double, I’m Triple is quite bitter, despite there being a fair amount of sugar in the mix. The blend is 60% Columbian beans, and 21% Brazilian beans. However, the drink itself is only 14.5% coffee, and the most prevalent ingredient is milk. The coffee must be very strong to have such a noticeable bitterness. The coffee has slight fruity notes to it, and has a nice aftertaste.

The I’m Not Serious, I’m Nutty is considerably sweeter. The coffee flavor is hardly noticeable, as the flavors of peanuts, sugar, and milk are much more in the forefront. The coffee ratio is exactly the same as the I’m Not Double, I’m Triple with 60% Columbian, 21% Brazilian, and a total amount of the drink being 14.5% coffee. There is a tiny amount of caramel (0.1%) and a miniscule amount of peanut powder (0.025%). This is actually important to note if someone has an allergy, so I would not recommend it if you are allergic to peanuts.

To compare the two, I preferred the I’m Not Double, I’m Triple. I liked the way that the coffee flavor came through compared to the I’m Not Serious, I’m Nutty. If you prefer a drink that is much sweeter and fun, then the latter is the drink for you!

The I’m Not Serious, I’m Nutty has images that look more fun, as if it is a gift for your tastebuds, something to savor and enjoy.

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