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Tasty Coffee Beans from Coffee Cupper

A few years ago, I was traveling to the city of Gangneung and I was looking for a touristy thing to do.

After looking at a brochure, I found that there was a coffee museum in the countryside, and I decided to go and check it out. It was a bit of a drive but seeing all the old coffee paraphernalia such as mugs, coffee pots, and serving sets, some of them hundreds of years old, was very cool.

The museum even has come coffee growing in greenhouses!

So, the museum is owned by a local company called Coffee Cupper that has two museum locations and shops in the Gangneung area.

Fast forward to today, and I had ordered some of the beans from the company to try out and taste.

The beans that I had ordered were Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

The box came with my beans, a free sample of their house blend, and some brochures describing their different beans and the museums / shops.

The plain looking package belied the wonderful smell of the coffee beans.

When I cut open the bag, the aroma of the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee was so wonderful and rich.

I set up my grinder and proceeded to put in a decent amount of the beans.

After the grinder had finished its magic, I loaded up my individual drip holder, and poured some hot, steaming water on top of the grinds.

The scent after the water had dripped through was not quite as strong as when I opened the package, but it was still nice.

The coffee was nice and dark, with a brilliant sheen on the surface.

Finally it was time for my first sip.

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Coffee Cupper has quite a bitter taste and as you progress through the mug there are strong fruit tones that are quite nice. It has a strong acidity for me, and a nice aftertaste.

I enjoyed my cup of coffee, although as it was late at night it was a little harder to sleep after enjoying this wonderful mug!

Coffee Cupper also sells a wide range of beans from all over the world. I can definitely see myself ordering more in the future, and I can’t wait to try their house blend.

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