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Sunday Breakfast at McDonalds with Taro Pie

Sometimes you just wake up on a Sunday morning and decide you really don’t want to make breakfast on your last day off before work. On those days it’s great to be able to go out and enjoy a breakfast cooked by someone else.

One of the things I enjoy, despite it not being gourmet food, is breakfast at McDonalds, or as they call it, the McMorning menu.

If you read my Korean post from November 1st you might have seen that during my trip to Geoje Island that we had a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and a Taro Pie for a snack while driving.

Those two were so good that day that we decided to visit McDonalds again before the Taro Pie was removed from the menu.

So, on a gray Sunday morning, we got in the car and went off to the nearest McDonalds here in Ulsan.

This particular location is on a highway in a neighborhood that doesn’t have the greatest aesthetic value. Surrounded by gas stations and apartments, this McDonalds is mostly just a place for people to grab a bite while on the way to somewhere else.

On this day we got two morning meals plus the Taro Pie. One meal was a Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a hash brown and black coffee, and the other was a Chicken Cheese McMuffin with a hash brown and a café latte.

To be frank, the food was not nearly as good as when we ate breakfast there the last time. In Geoje Island, the location was quite busy, and so the food was hot and fresh.

The first thing we always try is the hash browns. One of the fun parts of eating the McDonalds hash browns is doing ketchup art, because the size and shape of them is perfect for making patterns with the little ketchup packs.

The hash browns on this day were actually quite tasty, nice and crisp, and just out of the fryer. They actually seemed like the oil was a little bit different or they had changed the recipe slightly as the taste was better.

The sausage and egg McMuffin was not as good as the one we had in Geoje. The flavor was fine, as the sausage patty has a nice mix of spices in it, but it was not piping hot so the cheese didn’t really melt which was one of the best things about the one we had in Goeje.

The Chicken Cheese McMuffin is something that was added a few years ago to the breakfast menu here in Korea. Originally it was a chicken patty from the McChicken, but after it disappeared from the menu and then returned, the chicken patty is much better now. It has a much spicier flavor than before, and also the outside is very crispy and crunchy. I really like the newer version better than the original one.

Just like the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, the Chicken Cheese McMuffin was a little cool. If it had been hot and fresh I’m sure it would have been delicious.

The coffees that we got were both fine. The McDonalds coffee is never going to be as good as handmade good cup of coffee, but it’s reasonably priced, and of decent quality.

Finally, the Taro Pie. Taro is something that has been getting more attention here in Korea these days. I was a little disappointed that much like the McMuffins that the pie was a little cool. The one in Geoje was sweet, crispy, crunchy, and hot. The taro has a nice flavor to it, with just a tinge of caramel flavor to me. If it had been hot and fresh, the one we had on this day would have made the meal for me, as it was the main reason we went. Sadly, this was not the case.

Overall, the meal was passable, but I have enjoyed many better breakfast meals at McDonalds, and I was a little sad because I don’t know when, or if, the Taro Pie will return.

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