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Summer Drinks Have Arrived at Starbucks Korea

With the weather heating up, and the humidity really starting to make it sticky, it was bound to happen that summer menus would be appearing at various food and beverage chains here in South Korea.

Starbucks, as usual, has added some new drinks to its menu, and the ‘Hello Summer’ items offer a nice range of items.

After taking a look at the Starbucks website, I noticed that there were three new drinks: Dolce Caramel Chip Coffee Frappuccino, Strawberry Lemon Blended, and Starbucks Pineapple Sunset Iced Tea.

The weather was less than impressive on the day I had some time to go to the local Starbucks location, but I decided to go out in the drizzle and fog to try out the new beverages.

When I arrived there, I wasn’t feeling up to trying three new drinks, so I decided to just get the Dolce Caramel Chip Coffee Frappuccino and the Strawberry Lemon Blended.

While I was waiting for the drinks to be made by the barista, I took a look at the new items that Starbucks Korea is selling for summer. There were a number of new summer themed designs, particularly focused on camping, as this is a new and growing trend here in South Korea.

It didn’t take long for the drinks to be ready, and after a few minutes, I went up to the second floor to find a table and try out these new drinks.

The first one I tried was the Strawberry Lemon Blended. The Starbucks website says that this drink is “Rich strawberry flesh and sour lemon in the mouth Strawberry Lemon Blend to blow away the hot summer”.

After the first taste, the drink did have a nice tart sensation when drinking it. There was also a hint of sweetness to it, and you could easily identify the strawberry pieces that were in the drink.

Being a cold drink, it wasn’t the easiest to enjoy on a rainy day, but I can imagine that this would be amazing if you were sitting on a beach soaking up some sun. The flavor was quite nice, and it had a good consistency to it, with only a few small pieces of ice not totally crushed.

The Dolce Caramel Chip Coffee Frappuccino comes with a base of coffee frappuccino, then is meant to be topped with whipped cream upon which salted caramel pieces are placed.

This drink certainly looked nice when I got it and had a nice caramel drizzle on top of the whipped cream as well.

The first thing I tried was a caramel chip. They were very tasty with a nice texture to them, being not too hard to chew but also not too soft.

The coffee frappuccino underneath the whipped cream had a strong coffee flavor, and wasn’t overly sweet, which was a nice change from many of the Starbucks drinks these days. However, it does have 50 grams of sugar, so it is obviously quite sweet, although the Strawberry Lemon Blended actually has more sugar, weighing in at 53 grams.

The Dolce Caramel Chip Coffee Frappuccino overall had a nice blend of flavors. The slightly bitter coffee frappucino, the milky whipped cream, and the salted caramel chips provided a nice taste combination.

For me, the Dolce Caramel Chip Coffee Frappuccino was the better drink, but the Strawberry Lemon Blended was also quite tasty. I can definitely see these two being very popular when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect for a cold drink outside!

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