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Some Tasty Terarosa Coffee

One of the best places to find roasted coffee in South Korea is Terarosa Coffee. Located in Gangneung on the east coast, the shop and roastery are located around the city.

I recently had a bag of Terarosa Coffee’s Classic Espresso Blend given to me, and I was very excited to give it a try.

The coffee is described as having a Dark chocolate, heavy sweetness, subtle acidity, soft texture on the tasting notes.

The beans are also a blend of30% Ethiopian beans, 30% Brazilian beans, and 40% of other, which is an interesting choice.

On the back of the package there is a long note about the philosophy of their coffee.

And on the side there are some instructions on how to properly make your cup of coffee.

The beans looked wonderful inside the package, and there was a nice, sweet smell to the beans after opening.

I prepared my grinder, and the beans were quickly being turned into grounds.

I went for a slightly less find grind, and they do look amazing!

After boiling the water, I slowly started to pour some into the filter.

It was really nice taking the time to watch the coffee drip down and enjoy the aroma in the kitchen.

The steam from the coffee was comforting, and I was very excited to try the coffee.

The Terarosa Classic Espresso Blend lives up to the description of the tasting notes that the company put on the bag.

The coffee is very smooth and does have a light sweetness and low acidity. There is a very gentle aftertaste, and no bitterness to it whatsoever.

I didn’t notice a lot of the dark chocolate flavour, so this was a bit disappointing.

Overall though, the Terarosa Classic Espresso Blend makes a wonderfully relaxing and mild cup of coffee. If you prefer a stronger brew then you should definitely go for something else, but on a wonderful spring day with the right breeze, this is the coffee that I would enjoy!

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