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Some Tasty Heat From Jadam Chicken

As you might have guessed from a number of my posts, I love fried chicken. And of course, South Korea is becoming more and more famous around the world for its fried chicken.

One of the problems with being good at something, is that everyone wants to try it. So, it is a real challenge to try all the fried chicken companies and brands here in Korea.

Luckily, I recently got a coupon to try out a brand that I never tried before, Jadam Chicken.

Fortunately, there is also a branch of the chain nearby my house, so after downloading the digital coupon, I was off to try some chicken.

The Jadam chicken store is small, but does have a few tables for customers who want to eat in. I decided that today was better to be a takeout day, so I quickly took a look at the menu to decide what I would try.

While I’m not usually a fan of boneless chicken (as I’m often afraid that it will be frozen and not fresh) I decided to risk it today, and I ordered one portion of Hot Boneless Chicken.

The store had some nice pictures of the products up, and there were also a few promotional materials featuring some K-pop stars.

The chicken didn’t take too long to cook, and the owner packaged up my lunch, and I was off for a quick drive to enjoy my feast.

The Jadam Chicken came with a number of extras, and I quickly started unpacking everything when I got home.

The order came with Seasoning Salt, Honey Mustard Dressing, and some of Korea’s famous Yangnyum sauce.

There was also a bottle of Pepsi, and some of the famous pickled radish cubes.

Of course, now it was time to enjoy the chicken, which when I opened the box, I saw came with some French fries as well.

So, how did it all taste?

Well, the chicken itself was nice and crispy, and had a good seasoning to the coating. It was also nice and spicy, which was to be expected as the name was Hot Boneless Chicken.

The French fries were a little soggy, but they were still hot and also had a nice flavor to them. It tasted like for both of these things that the oil was nice and fresh in the deep fryer.

Next I tried some chicken with the Yangnyum sauce. It was thick and sticky, with a nice blend of sweetness and garlic to it. It went really well with the boneless chicken and provided two different tastes of spiciness.

The honey mustard sauce was pretty typical but did provide another contrasting flavor to just the plain Hot Boneless Chicken.

The seasoning salt was also quite tasty, although it was a little odd when mixed with a spicier coating on the chicken. The salt came with some sesame seeds in it, which I thought was a nice touch.

One thing I must try to remember is not to put TOO much salt on the chicken!

I really enjoyed the Jadam Chicken Hot Boneless Chicken. While the chicken didn’t have dark meat in it, it was quite tasty, and the different sauces and salts added to the flavor and provided a lot of variety. I can’t wait to go back to Jadam Chicken and try some of their other dishes.

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