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Some Serious Heat – Mamee Ghost Chili Pepper Crisps

As you might recall from when I wrote about KFC’s Ghost Hunter Chicken Burger, I really do enjoy some spicy food. I am always trying to find some ramen noodles that are really hot, or any other type of snack or food that will get my taste buds burning.

That’s why I was really excited when I was visiting a local convenience store to grab a coffee when I saw an item that was completely new to me. That item is the Mamee Ghost Chili Pepper Crisps.

I quickly bought a can, and when I got home later in the afternoon, I took a look at the packaging.

The front of the package had some evil looking flames licking the image of the crisp, which is black. That’s right, the potato crisps are BLACK! With peppers dancing on top of the crisp, I was really curious about how they would taste.

On the back of the package, there are a number of images that just scream heat! There is a ranking of peppers according to the Scoville scale, which has the Ghost Chili Pepper at almost three times as spicy as the Habanero pepper.

There is also an opportunity listed on the can to advertise surviving these supposedly spicy crisps, and you can brag about your achievement online.

On top of the can there is even a form where you can fill out your time and see a ranking of how fast you finished. Apparently if you finish the can in under a minute then you are actually an alien!

Opening the can there was a nice, rich, barbecue smell coming from the crisps, and sure enough, they were black.

Upon closer inspection, there is a generous coating of red, peppery, dust all over them, which was definitely foreshadowing a spicy snack.

I put some in a bowl to get a good visual image, and then I tried one.

They absolutely taste like barbecue crisps, but with a lot more heat. That being said, I didn’t find them that bad. I was able to finish the can in about two minutes, and I could have done it faster if I hadn’t stopped to take so many pictures!

There are definitely the spiciest potato crisps that I have ever eaten, but I wasn’t blown away by the spice level on them. They are hot, but I think I will buy another can to see if I can eat them all in less than 30 seconds, which would make me a member of the Hottest Potato Squad!

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