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Shhhhhhh! Tous Les Jours Bakery Secret Treat – Among Us Reversal Charm Chocolate Bar

As I am sure many of you know, since 2020 Among Us has been a huge global phenomenon, with more than 100 million people playing and trying to catch the imposter.

While it has been popular for over a year now, one of our local chain bakery shops, Tous Les Jours, has just started a promotion selling a number of items branded with Among Us imagery.

While shopping for a sandwich for lunch, I saw one of the new Among Us treats that they were selling. It roughly translates to the Among Us Reversal Charm Chocolate Bar. I’m not quite sure what Reversal Charm has to do with Among Us, but the pictures on the packaging was perfect for the game.

The Among Us Reversal Charm Chocolate Bar is a pastry coated with chocolate, and inside is some raspberry jam and vanilla milk cream.

After I got home and took a break, I decided to try this treat. I paired it with a McNulty instant coffee package, a Brazil Arabica Coffee Mix.

Taking the Among Us Chocolate Bar out of the wrapping, it didn’t look overly special.

However, after cutting it in half allowed me to get an excellent cross section. You can easily see the pastry, jam, and cream all sitting there waiting to be enjoyed.

While I was cutting the treat, the water was boiling so I poured the coffee mix into a mug.

The McNulty mix comes with both sugar and creamer, so it would be a sweet coffee for sure.

Pouring the water in, a beautiful pattern emerged on the top of the liquid, and I was loathe to actually stir it and break up the amazing pattern.

But stir I did, and then prepared to taste the Among Us Chocolate Bar and McNulty’s Brazil Arabica Coffee Mix.

Well, the Among Us Reversal Charm Chocolate Bar was satisfactory. The chocolate was not very rich and tasted pretty bland as chocolate goes. The pastry was a tad dry, and there wasn’t much flavor, almost as if they had used oil and not butter.

The raspberry jam and vanilla milk cream were very good. The jam was tart and full of flavor, and the cream was smooth and not too sweet.

The McNulty’s Brazil Arabica coffee mix was quite underwhelming and tasted like most of the mixed coffee packets we can still buy here in Korea. It was not horrible to drink, but tasted mostly of the sugar and the creamer.

The Tous Les Jours Among Us Reversal Charm Chocolate Bar was fine, however it didn’t amaze me. If there were no other treats available, I would definitely have this if I was hungry, but I think the pastry would have to be better and the chocolate of a higher quality for me to truly relish eating this snack.

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