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Ricoffy – A Magical Blend from Africa

In 2019, I had the chance to travel to Africa. After doing a lot of thinking, I decided to visit Namibia. The country seemed almost exactly the opposite of South Korea. Not many people, wide spaces, and very little water. After arriving there, it was exactly as it had been advertised to me.

While traveling around Namibia, there were lots of opportunities to have delicious food, and thankfully, delicious coffee. One of the instant drinks that many of the Bed and Breakfasts that I stayed in had was Ricoffy.

In Korea, chicory is not often added to coffee. Actually, I don’t think I had ever had chicory before mixed in a cup of coffee. We do brew chicory tea and use the leaves in various dishes but not as a coffee that I know of. I have heard that it is used a lot in other parts of the world to mix with coffee, but this was my first time.

I actually found the taste quite pleasing! In fact, I liked it so much that I bought a few cans to take home with me.

Today, I decided to have a cup as opposed to some of the other coffees that have a lot more sugar or other additives in them.

After breaking out my Namibia giraffe mug, which seemed natural to use when having a drink from Africa, I boiled the water and put a tablespoon of Ricoffy in the mug.

As the water flowed over the crystals, a wonderful, warming scent filled the air. I am always impressed by how much the smell of coffee or other beverages can really change the mood in a room. These days its been tough with the coronavirus and less contact than usual, but a good cup of coffee or other drinks can really be uplifting!

As always, the Ricoffy was very delicious! It has a lighter feel than a regular cup of coffee, and a mild caramel flavor in it. The roast of the coffee seems to be a mild to medium roast as there is very little bitterness to the drink at all.

Hopefully in a year or two I will be able to travel and experience a number of other coffees and blends unique to the regions that I get to go to!

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