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Rich and Tasty – Kanu Nutty Caramel Latte

Recently while traveling to Geoje Island, I stayed at the same resort area that I had a few years ago. While I was there, I had tried some interesting coffee and this trip would be no different.

This time around, while I was visiting one of the big grocery stores on the island, I saw an orange box (although it really looks salmon-coloured), from Kanu coffee, a brand I have written about before.

The variety this time was the Nutty Caramel Latte, and the package came with 8 sticks of what was supposed to be sweet and nutty coffee goodness.

The back of the package showed the nutrition and the ingredients (and on which I could find no mention of any type of nut, although I did see caramel listed).

On the one side, it listed the coffee as a medium roast, and it also said it had macadamia scent and almond scent, as well as caramel. The coffee was supposed to be from Ethiopia, and it recommends that you use only 100ml of hot water to mix with one stick.

The coffee sticks were very similar in colour to the package, and each one is just over 17 grams.

I opened one of the packages, and poured the contents in to a mug.

After finishing, it looked like there wasn’t a whole lot of coffee in the mix, and most of it seemed to be creamer and the nut and caramel flavouring.

I decided to try two different mugs of the Kanu Nutty Caramel Latte, one with the recommended water amount, and one with a lot more.

The first one I tried was the mug with around 200 ml of water. Well, the box certainly wasn’t lying, as this mug of coffee tasted very bland, and I couldn’t notice much beyond a bit of caramel taste, and the cream mixture.

Next, I tried the mug with the recommended amount of water, 100 ml, and this one was much nicer. It was a lot sweeter, but it also had a much stronger caramel taste. There was also a bit of coffee flavor to it, but I didn’t notice any of the nut scents or flavours that were supposed to be included.

It was very nice to sit looking out at the bay and enjoying the coffee on a nice crisp, cool morning.

Ultimately, the Kanu Nutty Caramel Latte doesn’t really live up to its name. While you can definitely taste the caramel flavors, the nut flavours are absent, and the coffee is quite low on the taste profile. For a sweet caramel drink it’s okay, otherwise, I would give it a pass if I didn’t want that caramel taste.

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