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Pokémon – Gotta Catch Em All at Dunkin’ Donuts?

Right now in South Korea, there is a huge craze going on regarding Pokémon (although it seems like it has been very popular for a long time). A local bakery company has been selling packaged baked goods, each containing a Pokémon sticker, that students have gone wild to collect. It is so bad, that many stores have a sign on the front door saying that there is no Pokémon Bread for sale.

Well, other companies are now trying to cash in on the Pokémon craze currently exploding here, and Dunkin’ Donuts is one of those companies.

Dunkin’ Donuts has made four different Pokémon themed donuts, and some chilled drinks as well.

The four donuts are a Pokémon Ball shaped one,

A Pikachu themed one,

A Gastly themed one,

And a Snorlax donut.

I had the chance to try two of these, the Pikachu donut and the Snorlax donut this week.

I really wanted to try the Pokémon Ball one, because it had strawberry filling, but unfortunately they were sold out.

These donuts are quite expensive, so I was really hoping that they would be really tasty.

From the outside, they don’t look too bad.

The Pikachu donut has a nice yellow icing, and some candy sprinkles in the glaze.

The Snorlax Donut looks great, and the chocolate face on top is impressive!

Sitting down, the Pikachu donut was really giving off a strong candy banana smell.

And indeed, it was a banana icing on the top.

The candy sprinkles are actually like Pop Rocks, so they give a pleasant feeling in your mouth when you eat them.

Sadly, the banana icing has such a terrible artificial taste, and the ring donut underneath was quite plain and a bit dry.

The Snorlax donut has the white chocolate face that was easy to pull off, revealing the green icing underneath.

The green icing itself actually didn’t taste like anything expect sweetness.

Also, there was a hole in the middle of the donut, and the chocolate cream filling was divided between the two halves.

This means that it’s good for sharing, but I felt cheated that the middle was missing, especially given the 3,300 won price tag for the Snorlax donut.

The chocolate cream filling was okay, but also didn’t have a great flavor to it. There also wasn’t an ample amount inside.

After finishing the two donuts, I was very disappointed in the Pokémon donuts that I tried from Dunkin’. The flavors were not great, and the price was much too high for the quality and quantity that I received.

I would say that only true Pokémon fans should try these, otherwise I believe that you’ll end up disappointed like I did.

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