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Pizza Picnic by the Ocean Courtesy of Pizza Box

One of the great things about the weather being warmer these days is that it is so much easier to eat outside and enjoy the wonderful seaside and sunshine.

I had been out to the shops recently, and I realized that I was going to be home too late to have my lunch. I had noticed a small pizza shop during my walks, called Pizza Box. As I was nearby, I decided that with the gorgeous weather and being so close to the ocean that today would be the perfect time to stop in and try out this little shop.

Walking into the store, there were a lot of pizza boxes ready to go, and the menus were prominently displayed so I knew what I would be able to order almost right away!

I was greeted by the owner warmly, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, I quickly perused the menu before deciding on a Combination pizza in the regular size. With a 2,000 won discount for picking the pizza up myself, it turned out to be only 11,900 won, and the owner included a small bottle of Coke to go along with the pizza.

The staff told me that it would take about 15 minutes for the pizza to be ready so I went for a quick walk to make sure that my appetite was ready for what I was hoping would be delicious pizza!

When I returned to the store, my pizza was just coming out of the conveyor oven, and it smelled really great in the shop.

The owner deftly put the pizza into a box after cutting it into eight pieces, and then wrapped up it. They also included a small gift to celebrate Parent’s Day, as well as some dipping sauce.

I quickly walked to some of the covered outside tables that are near the ocean here, and once I found an empty one, I proceed to unpack the pizza and other items.

After opening the pizza box, I was very impressed by the amount of toppings. The pizza had pepperoni, sausage, ham, green peppers, olives, and corn.

There was also some hot sauce, pickles, and Parmesan cheese included with the pizza, so I was ready to dig in and enjoy the food.

The pizza was still nice and hot, and the cheese was gooey and stretched wonderfully!

The first bite was excellent! The pizza was fresh, and the amount of toppings made each bite something special and unique.

The green peppers, corn, and olives added a nice vegetable component to the pizza, and made for a good contrast with the three meats that were on the pizza.

The toppings were piled quite high, and as you can see from this cross section, the pepperoni is underneath the thick layer of cheese.

The garlic dipping sauce that was included with the pizza was pretty standard and is common from a lot the local shops around here in Korea. It did make a nice addition to the crust though when there were no toppings left at the end of each slice.

It was a great day for a picnic, and I really enjoyed the pizza from Pizza Box. The price was very reasonable, and the service was excellent. The quality was also very good and the flavor of the pizza and all the toppings was great.

It was so wonderful to enjoy the pizza and the ocean view on such a lovely day, and I'm absolutely looking forward to doing it again.

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