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Pizza, Beer, and Cocktails at Mad Tables

While on a weekend trip to Chungju, I was craving some wonderful pizza. I had already tried some local favorites such as pepper mandu and boiling dukbokki, but by dinner time I was ready for something different, and pizza sounded amazing.

After a quick net search, I found a location near my hotel called Mad Tables. The pictures looked really good, and they also were supposed to be selling craft beer, so I figured that we’d give it a try.

The location is on the rooftop of a 6-story building and had a nice view of the city.

Mad Tables was empty when I got there, although the workers said that it became much more popular in the evenings. That being said, it was nice to have a place to myself and relax and chat over dinner.

The menu offers a few different food items.

And lots of beverages as well!

I took a look at the menu, and decided to order a pepperoni pizza, and also a Mad Snow beer and a Gold Lager.

I noticed the bar was well stocked with different drinks.

And lots of kegs as well, which looked really cool!

The beers arrived first, accompanied by a small tray of nacho chips.

The Mad Snow beer was quite nice. It had a refreshing, light taste, with a wonderfully fruity and hoppy blend. There was definitely a citrus taste to this beer.

The Gold Lager was a nice beer, but really nothing special, just a comfortable lager that is good for sipping.

The pizza arrived not too long after the beer, and it was time to feast!

The pizza looked really good, although there wasn’t that much pepperoni on it.

I was able to get a small cheese stretch, which was a bit disappointing.

The pizza at Mad Tables is of the thin crust variety, and this made for a crispy edge to the pizza, which contrasted nicely with the softer middle of the pizza.

Taking a bite of the pepperoni pizza, it was pretty good. There was parmesan cheese on top, and the tomato sauce was nicely spiced.

That being said, it did feel a bit underwhelming, as there wasn’t much in the way of toppings.

Before leaving, I decided to try a couple of the Mad Tables cocktails.

I ordered one Malibu Orange and one Peach Crush.

The Malibu Orange was heavy on the coconut flavour, which was a bit surprising given the name and the colour of the drink.

The Peach Crush was nice and refreshing, with a light peach taste to it.

One thing I noticed was that the cocktails did not have a strong alcohol taste to them, which if you don’t like the flavour, could be a good thing!

I enjoyed my dinner at Mad Tables, in particular the Mad Snow beer. The pizza was tasty, but I did wish that it was a bit more substantial for the price.

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