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Pepperoni is Bouncing Into McDonald’s

The World Cup is right around the corner, and already companies are pulling out all sorts of promotions and products to cash in on the big event.

McDonald’s Korea is no stranger to promotions, and they have created two new burgers (well, really one) to prepare us for football’s biggest event.

The two new burgers are the Pepperoni Pizza Burger, and the Pepperoni Mega Pizza Burger. They are in essence the same burger, except that the Mega version comes with two extra beef patties.

I knew I couldn’t pass up a new promotion, so I headed to one of the many locations here in Ulsan and decided to try one.

When ordering, I decided to just get the smaller one, and also add one other new burger the McCrispy Deluxe Burger.

The restaurant was quite empty, so it didn’t take long for the order to be ready.

The Pepperoni Pizza Burger has a number of ingredients besides the pepperoni. In fact, McDonald’s Korea says that there are 11 different ingredients on the burger, to match the 11 players on a football team.

The 11 ingredients are: soccer bun crown, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, cheese, soccer bun heel, beef, dried onions, pepperoni, onions, and pizza sauce.

The bun looked really interesting and did look a bit like a soccer ball as McDonald’s is advertising.

Of course, the taste is the most important thing, and so I decided to take a bite.

Well, the Pepperoni Pizza Burger is quite tasty! The bun was very soft and flavourful. The pizza sauce was also a nice ingredient, and tomato sauce and beef can be an excellent combination.

The pepperoni was very heavy on the spice, and I was a little disappointed that there were only two slices on the burger. However, the slices were large, so that made up for it a bit. The rest of the ingredients did mesh well, and the vegetables were fresh. I really didn’t notice the dried onions, but I wonder if that was the sauce on the bottom of the burger.

Next, I tried the McCrispy Deluxe Burger. This comes with an extra crispy chicken patty that is supposed to be thigh and leg meat. It also comes on a potato brioche bun, with tomato, lettuce, and a smokey sauce.

The first thing I noticed is that the McCrispy Deluxe Burger’s bun is not nearly as good as the Pepperoni Burger’s bun. It was a bit more dry and quite flat. This made it a big problem because there was too much lettuce on the burger, and it fell all over the place.

The chicken patty was very crispy on the outside, and the inside meat was juicy and tasty. The smokey sauce that they add was flavourful and had a bit of a vinegar tinge to the taste.

Overall, the Pepperoni Pizza Burger was much better for me. I really enjoyed the tomato sauce and pepperoni, and the bun was really delicious. I would highly recommend trying this one if you have a chance and are in South Korea.

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