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Peanut Butter Overload From Burger King Korea

Sometimes there are some wonderful combinations, like peanut butter and jam that are so enjoyable. Other combinations might be interesting, and some are just weird or taste not so great. Well, Burger King here in South Korea has some new items that feature peanut butter, and the concoctions seemed just strange enough to make me very excited to try them.

Burger King Korea has put together three different peanut butter items. The first is the Peanut Butter Stacker that comes in 2, 3, or 4 patty versions, the Peanut Butter Beef & Chicken, and the Peanut Butter Fries.

As my order was a take-out one, I had to wait for the 20 minute drive to try out these unique items.

The amount of food looked very impressive, especially with two Cokes added to the meals that I ordered.

Unwrapping all the burgers, and opening the fry box, the smell of peanut butter was quite strong. I took this to be a good thing, as I was hoping that there would be a nice balance of flavours between the regular Burger King fare and the peanut butter sauce.

I tried some of the Peanut Butter Fries first. The fries were a bit soggy owing to the journey home. The peanut butter sauce, which did taste very much like real peanut butter when eaten by itself.

The mixture of the potatoes and peanut butter was okay, and I did try them with ketchup as well, although the tomato flavor overpowered the peanut butter.

Next up, I tried the Peanut Butter Beef & Chicken. The beef was nicely cooked, and the chicken patty was very nice and crispy on the outside.

The burger came with pickles, mayonnaise, and the peanut butter sauce.

A hefty burger thanks to the double meat and crispy chicken patty, it was the peanut butter sauce that got lost in the mixture, and there was just a bit more saltiness than a regular Burger King burger.

Finally it was time to try the Peanut Butter Stacker. Based on my previous experiences with a 4X stacker, I decided to try the 2X this time.

The Peanut Butter Stacker was my favorite of the three items.

The beef and cheese was just the right amount, the pickles were great, and the mayonnaise added a nice creamy texture when mixed with the peanut butter sauce.

Again, the peanut butter flavor was lost when mixed with all the other ingredients.

Overall, I would say that the peanut butter products from Burger King Korea are not worth the money. The peanut butter sauce is fine by itself, but it is not as thick as regular peanut butter, and it gets lost when included with all the other ingredients.

The burgers and fries were fine, but for me regular versions of these would be just as good, perhaps even better.

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