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Nothing Normal About This Cafe

On a hot, steamy, late summer evening, I was strolling around our local neighborhood, and I stumbled, most fortunately, on the Normal Day Cafe (보통의 하루). Luckily for me, there was absolutely nothing normal about this little independent coffee and dessert cafe.

Looking at the decor, with wonderful little artistic treasures and comfortable plush seats, I could tell right away that this was a place I really hope that I'd want to visit again, and after trying a delicious beverage, I was right!

The menu was full of interesting choices, but I decided on a Strawberry Latte, although this was unlike any Strawberry Latte I'd had before.

Made with shaved milk gently resting on top of the sweet strawberry mixture, this was a drink of layers as opposed to just a blend of plain milk and strawberry syrup.

The shaved milk was soft and sweet, and the strawberry compote on the bottom had a nice ratio of pieces to syrup, and when combined made for a wonderful sweet and cool treat to help beat the heat of this sticky late summer night.

The owner was very kind and invited us back to try some homemade desserts and coffee at a later date, which I most definitely will try!

In the meantime, if you're looking for a nice place to relax and have a coffee in these trying times, then if you're in Ulsan check out the Normal Day Cafe.

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카페가 깔끔하고 예뻐요


Sep 05, 2020

I want to go to this cafe!!

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