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New Pepper Chicken Schnitzel From Subway

Compared to other chains here in South Korea, it seems like Subway sandwiches has comparatively fewer new items to try out than many other places. That’s why when I was checking out their website and I saw that they had a few new items for a limited time, I had to go and try them.

One of the new items is the Pepper Chicken Schnitzel which is only available until the end of August. The other new item is the Pineapple Cookie, which sounded very different from the usual cookies that Subway Korea offers.

The closest Subway to me is in a giant department store that is anchored with a grocery store. After getting to the store, I quickly ordered the two aforementioned items, plus a Steak and Cheese Avocado Grilled Wrap.

The worker was very quick, and started assembling my order almost right away.

For the Pepper Chicken Schnitzel, I chose Parmesan Oregano bread, along with American cheese. I added to all the vegetables except lettuce, which looked very wilted, and added some Ranch dressing to go with it.

The Steak and Cheese Avocado Grilled Wrap comes with the ingredients pre-determined, and it has steak, avocado paste, two types of shredded cheese, green peppers, onions, and mayonnaise.

After the order was all prepared, the worker placed the items in a bag, and I was off to home to try out these new items.

I have to say that Subway workers are excellent at packing food up, because when I looked at the bag when I got home, it was hard to believe there was a full 30-centimeter sandwich, a wrap, and a cookie in what was a tiny bag.

After unpacking, I took a look at all the items that I had purchased. They actually looked pretty good, and much more substantial than the small bag made it appear.

The first thing that I noticed was that the wrap had a good deal of steak on it. While this should be expected as it is in the name of the item, sometimes you’ll get an order and the main ingredients have been severely skimped on.

The next thing I saw was the chicken in the sandwich. The Pepper Chicken Schnitzel is one long chicken patty for each half. The patty is breaded, and it is hefty. There is also the pepper visibly evident in the meat. The patty itself it cold, although you can get the meat or the whole sandwich heated up at the store.

Finally it was time to dig into to this Subway feast.

I decided to start with the Steak and Cheese Avocado Grilled Wrap, because it was small, and I really wanted to find out how the steak was.

The Steak and Cheese Avocado Grilled Wrap is actually very tasty! As I mentioned, the steak is ample, the avocado adds some really nice creamy texture to the whole wrap, and there is a lot of cheese on it. There are two things I would change about this item though. The first is the use of mayonnaise. It really doesn’t add too much to it, and I think a spicier or more flavorful sauce would be better.

The second is I might consider adding tomato. The Steak and Cheese Avocado Grilled Wrap was quite salty, and I think some more veg to cut through the salt would make it tastier.

Turning my attention to one of the new items, the Pepper Chicken Schnitzel, I was really impressed at just how big the chicken patty was. Biting into the chicken, I could immediately feel the cold hardness of the chicken patty, and I went straight to the microwave to warm it up. One thing I don’t like is warm vegetables like tomatoes and so on that have been sitting for a while. If you heat them up and eat them right away, that’s great, but leaving them for a while is not tasty, which is why I didn’t get the sandwich heated at the store.

After heating, the Pepper Chicken Schnitzel was quite delicious. There was a nice pepper flavor from the chicken, and the vegetables I had chose complemented it well. The ranch dressing provided a nice taste. The only issue for me was that like the Steak and Cheese Avocado Grilled Wrap, the Pepper Chicken Schnitzel was quite salty, which was compounded by the black olives I had chosen to add. Of course, the chicken would be better if it were straight out of a deep fryer, but this is Subway after all, so you can’t have everything!

Dessert was up next with the Pineapple Cookie. The cookie itself didn’t look very special, and you could barely notice the little pieces of what was supposed to be pineapple inside.

The Pineapple Cookie was nice, sweet, and soft, just like all the Subway cookies here in South Korea. There wasn’t a strong pineapple flavor, which was disappointing, so if you are expecting that you will probably be disappointed. A good cookie, but one that does not measure up to the name.

For me it was a nice meal from Subway. The new items are good, and the wrap was enjoyable as well. I am hoping that Subway continues the trend of adding new special items to the menu from time to time.

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