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More than Just Bread at 11 Bread

While I was out shopping a few nights ago, I noticed that I was quite hungry and decided to have dinner out. Being at a large shopping centre, I decided to see what was available and ended up stumbling across a restaurant that I had never heard of, 11 Bread.

The location was very large, with lots of ample seating, and the images of their Top 5 menu items looked very appealing, so I decided to give it a try.

On the day I went to 11 Bread, there was a discount on an Egg Mayo sandwich, so I decided to try that. I also got a Triple Cheese Steak with fries and a Coke because it looked SO good!

While waiting for my order, I looked around at the restaurant. They had so much seating, and a lot of it was empty, so I was a little wary about that.

The location also sells packaged bread that you can take home and enjoy, and they had a lot of different types of baked treats and breads.

Finally the buzzer rang to signal that my order was ready, and I went to pick it up.

Right from the start, the presentation of the food looked great!

The Egg Mayo sandwich was actually two mini slider-style sandwiches, on what we call in South Korea Morning Bread. I believe that they are dinner rolls or another name in different countries.

The Egg Mayo sandwich was perfectly presented, and had an ample amount of filling on each roll.

The dinner rolls were very soft and fresh, and definitely did a great job of holding all the filling in.

The filling itself was very tasty. It had a nice blend of egg to mayo, and there were little bits of ham in the filling as well. The filling had a nice smoky flavor to it, which could have been smoked paprika seasoning, or perhaps there was some smoked meat inside as well. Overall, the Egg Mayo sandwiches were very tasty!

The French fries that came with my Triple Cheese Steak were very well cooked. They were nice and crispy, but not too oily or greasy. They were coated in a cheese powder, which reminded me a lot of the KFC Chi-re-re seasoning, but fortunately the fries at 11 Bread were not overloaded with the cheese powder, and it added a nice flavor to the fries.

The Triple Cheese Steak was huge! In fact, is was so big I had to take some home (props to the staff at 11 Bread, they were very kind and helpful)!

The Triple Cheese Steak actually has three pieces of toasted bread and is layered with thinly sliced steak and vegetables.

The Triple Cheese Steak was SO good! The steak was cooked really well, and was seasoned perfectly. The mix of onions, green peppers, and cabbage made for a nice contrast to all the meat, bread and cheese on the sandwich. While I am sure that cabbage is not a traditional ingredient on a cheese steak, the vegetable did add a nice crunch and texture change to the whole sandwich.

The cheese on the Triple Cheese Steak was also delicious. There was certainly a lot of it, and I could identify American cheese, mozzarella, and I think Swiss cheese on the sandwich. Unfortunately the company does not seem to have website, so I cannot check to find out. Despite this, the sandwich was really delicious.

I really enjoyed my dinner at 11 Bread. The location was clean, large, and the staff was wonderful. The food was also tasty and the portions were big. I will definitely be trying 11 Bread again in the future!

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