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More Luxurious Chicken From Puradak Chicken

A few months ago, I had a chance to try some chicken from Puradak, one of the many chains that are popular here in South Korea.

The chicken then was good, and the use of lots of Prada imagery really makes the brand have a different feel to it when you go to pick up your order or it is delivered.

So, when I wanted some fried chicken for dinner recently, I decided to try Puradak Chicken again, but this time try some of their different varieties.

One thing I like to do when I order chicken is get a half and half set, or ban-ban in Korean.

I took a look at the website, and after looking at all the different varieties and combinations that they have, I settled on the Black Mayo Half and Half meal.

The Black Mayo combo comes with a half order of the Black Aglio chicken, which is a soy-sauce flavored variety, and a half order of Chili Mayonnaise Chicken, which has a creamy sauce covering the chicken pieces also generously laden with jalapeno peppers.

My order was pretty much ready when I got to the shop because I had called ahead and so I quickly went back to the car and drove home to enjoy my chicken feast!

The chicken again came in the nifty bag like the previous time, and I have actually reused these bags for storing other things, which is better than just a plastic bag.

Opening it up, there was the chicken in the Prada-style designed box, some chili-mayo sauce, some pickled radishes, and a bottle of cola.

The chicken smelled really good, and I was hungry, so I put some of each on my plate and prepared to dig in. I really liked the way that the two wings looked when they were on the plate together, especially as they were of different varieties.

The first one I tried was the Black Aglio chicken.

This came with a nice, salty, soy-based sauce, and also had some nice crispy garlic flakes with it as well.

This variety, the Black Aglio, was very tasty. The salty flavor was nice, but not overpowering. The sauce that collected at the bottom of the box was really good as well.

Also, when I dipped it into the chili-mayo sauce that came with the order, the taste was out of this world!

I will say I wish that the sauce for the Black Aglio wasn’t quite so watery, as too much of it had collected in the bottom of the box and I wasn’t able to really enjoy the pieces on the top as much as the pieces on the bottom.

Next, I tried the Chili-Mayo Chicken. The sauce on this was very thick, and very sticky. It didn’t taste like mayonnaise at all but had a nice sweet and spicy flavor to it. It was a little challenging to eat, because the sauce really gets all over your fingers, but that just made it more fun after cleaning it off!

The chicken at Puradak I believe is oven cooked, or so the website says. This makes the chicken a little less greasy, but it still has a nice crispy exterior. The different combinations that they provide means that you can go back again and again and still have another experience that you haven’t had before.

Puradak Chicken is still luxurious, and I really enjoyed my Black-Mayo combo set! I can't wait for the next time I try Puradak Chicken.

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