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McNulty Portion Coffee Pods – A Coffee Pod Without the Fancy Machine

I have always been very interested in the coffee pod machines, such as Nespresso, ever since I saw an early commercial with George Clooney. The machines are a little pricey, and I was also worried about the impact on the environment because they used aluminum pods that looked like they were not recyclable.

Well worry no more about another gadget in the kitchen, or fussy aluminum pods, because McNulty Coffee is here to help!

McNulty is now selling coffee pods that only require a good old fashioned kettle (or pot of hot water) to make a delicious, robust cup of coffee.

I noticed these interesting items at my local supermarket, and even though their regular price is a bit steep, they were on sale, thus encouraging me to pick up a box.

From the outside, the box looks quite fancy, with nice gold and silver lettering on either side.

The company recommends three different ways to enjoy the coffee: Americano, Iced Americano, or Café Latte. I decided to go with a straight up Americano (or black coffee) to get a full taste of the espresso shot contained within the pod.

As the water was boiling, I opened the pod and took a look at the inky, black, liquid contained within. A comforting scent of chocolate was emanating from inside the pod which had me very intrigued as to the flavor of the coffee.

As the water was ready, I poured it over the shot in the mug cup, and stirred it to mix it fully.

The scent of rich, dark, chocolate was in the air, and I could tell that there was definitely some cacao notes in the coffee blend.

Upon sipping the McNulty coffee, my nose was not wrong and it did indeed have a full and flavorful chocolate taste. The coffee was also quite strong, but not overly acidic or bitter. The aftertaste was quite noticeable, and the chocolate and coffee flavors lingered on my tongue for a fair bit of time after each sip.

McNulty Coffee Pods come eight to a box, so they might be a treat for some people. However, if you are already spending a lot of money at your local coffee shop every day, then perhaps this might help you save some money and still enjoy a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee!

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