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McDonald’s, New Jeans, and New Chicken..A Perfect Combination!

These days, New Jeans is one of the hottest K-pop groups around. So it makes a ton of sense that a big chain like McDonald’s would want to team up with them to do a promotion for some new items.

The two items in question are the McCrispy Hot & Cheese, and the McSpicy Hot & Cheese. Both feature a spicy cheese sauce, very similar to the nacho cheese you would get at a movie theatre.

Walking into the McDonald’s, there is a large banner advertisement for the two new chicken burgers.

New Jeans is featured prominently above the touchscreen for ordering.

And also a giant cardboard cutout next to the area for picking up your food!

The images on the video screens above the counter look really great, and I was very excited to try both of these new burgers.

When I got my tray, I went to the second floor to get a bit more quiet and to enjoy my food.

The first thing I tried was the French fries. These were really great, as they had just started serving the lunch menu, so they were hot, crispy, salty, and the oil tasted very fresh!

I knew I couldn’t eat both chicken burgers at once, so I decided to try the McSpicy Hot & Cheese at the restaurant because of the vegetables that are on top.

The first picture I took, while it looked good, was a bit disappointing because you couldn’t see any of the cheese sauce.

Luckily, I went around to the other side and there was a ton of cheese sauce there.

The McSpicy Hot & Cheese was actually really nice! The vegetables were fresh, the bun was quite soft, and the chicken patty was nicely cooked without being too crispy.

The addition of the cheese sauce to the regular McSpicy Shanghai Burger gave it a new dimension and added a lot of flavour.

When I got home, it was a while later, so I decided to try the McCrispy Hot & Cheese then.

The chicken patty looked really crispy, and I was excited to try it!

One of the good things about the McCrispy Hot & Cheese being cold, it was much easier to cut and to get a great cross section!

The McCrispy Hot & Cheese comes with an abundance of the cheese sauce, another special barbecue style sauce, and onions on top.

I really enjoyed the McCrispy Hot & Cheese, even more so than the McSpicy Hot & Cheese. The chicken patty was indeed crispier, but not so much so that it hurt my teeth. The mixture of the two sauces actually worked really well together, and the brioche potato bun was tastier than the regular sesame seed bun on the McSpicy Hot & Cheese.

That being said, you can’t go wrong with either of these new offerings from McDonalds and New Jeans. Just to be sure to listen to some of the music from the group while you are enjoying these chicken burgers!

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