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Mac and Cheese Pizza From Pizza Etang

Pizza Etang is one of the local pizza chains that have cropped up over the years and has had a fairly long history here in South Korea selling pizzas. Starting from 2000, the company has expanded across the nation and has become one of the largest pizza chains in the country.

I was at home recently and didn’t feel like going out, but I really wanted to have some pizza, so I decided to order one and have it delivered. Many of the larger pizza chains do not have a shop in my neighborhood, so Pizza Etang was the choice that I made.

After taking a look at a menu book that local shops advertise in and is delivered very month, I decided on a Mac and Cheese Pizza, because I really do love cheese and the tiny picture looked great!

I made the phone call to the shop, and 20 minutes later the pizza was in my apartment waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

The pizza came with a tub of pickles, some hot sauce, and some Parmesan cheese.

After taking a photo of the box and accompanying food, I opened it up and feasted my eyes on the Mac and Cheese pizza.

The pizza certainly looked cheesy, and even had a ring of sweet potato mousse between the main toppings and the edge of the crust. However, there was also something that I dread on pizza.

Sweet corn was very liberally topping the pizza, and in fact there looked to be more corn than macaroni!!

Now, I love a good ear of corn on the cob, but sweet corn taken from a metal tin is just not impressive to me. Sadly, there was nothing I could do, but in the future I will make sure to check the website and not just look at a tiny little picture in a menu book.

I decided to suck it up and started to eat the pizza.

The taste was pretty good. The creamy cheese sauce was a nice addition to pizza, and the macaroni that was on the pizza (and there wasn’t that much) was well cooked and tender.

The sweet potato mousse was fine, and the corn was actually not that bad. I still would not recommend corn on pizza (although I know that it is popular in many other areas of the world as a pizza topping), but it was edible.

While I won’t be ordering the Mac and Cheese pizza again (it’s amazing what you do for research!) it wasn’t terrible. I do think that it is a lot of carbs and fatty proteins, which probably isn’t the most healthy of meals. Flavor-wise the cheese was good, especially the creamy cheese sauce, but it does make for a lot of greasy feelings for when you are eating.

I have had some Pizza Etang pizzas before, and while they are satisfactory, I think it’s time to look for a new local pizza shop to impress my taste buds.

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