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Light Taste with Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend

Sometimes, really liking coffee has some challenges in that I often end up buying more coffee than I can drink in a timely fashion.

This makes it a real challenge to try and taste everything I have.

That’s why I recently tried a coffee bean that I had purchase a long time ago, the Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend.

The Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend comes in a 1-kilogram bag, which means there is a lot of coffee there to go through. Plus, as it is the beans and not grounds, I have to try and grind the coffee.

The Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend is a mixture of beans from three different countries: 50% from Ethiopia, 30% from Kenya, and 20% from Costa Rica.

The Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend is also noted for having Jasmine, Citrus, Apricot and Black Tea notes, and is a light roast with a light body but heavy acidity.

After opening the bag, the beans looked great, but there wasn’t a very strong odour coming from them.

I prepared my grinder (which is getting past its prime!) and started to work on grinding some of the beans.

The grounds smelled quite nice after grinding, and I decided to do a fair amount at once so that I didn’t have to spend a ton of time grinding in the future.

I put the grounds in a reused tin from a different coffee company.

Then I prepared my filter and scooped up some of the grounds while waiting for the water to boil.

There was a nice light scent from the coffee as the water slowly filtered through.

Finally, my mug of coffee was ready, and I decided to pair it with some raspberry Danish twist bread that my husband had made the day before.

The Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend was quite nice. There was a high level of acidity to the coffee, but the aftertaste was not overpowering.

The coffee had a nice gentle fruit taste to it, and there was no burnt taste that you might get with some of the darker roasts.

I did enjoy the Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend, and I think for those who prefer light roasts then this could be a nice coffee for you to enjoy. It would be better to get a smaller package if you are not sure about the taste, but the gentle fruit flavour and subtle aftertaste make Maxim Light Blossom Signature Blend a nice cup of coffee.

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