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Krispy Kreme Donuts Goes Caribbean!

These days the summer is in full swing, and Krispy Kreme Donuts is working hard to remind everyone of the hot days that we are experiencing.

In Korea, the concept of the Caribbean is one that we often use to remind us of the hot summer weather. Krispy Kreme Donuts is using this theme to promote a wide range of new donut flavours that they are offering this summer.

In fact, Krispy Kreme Donuts is promoting five, that’s right FIVE, new donut flavours to celebrate the summer of 2022.

The five donuts that they are selling are: Twinkle Mermaid, Caribbean Lovely Duck, Caribbean Flamingo, Sweet Melon, and Shiny White Shell. I decided that eating five donuts in one sitting was a bit too much, and so I chose the first three varieties to give a try to.

Entering the store, I was actually greeting with a free Original Glazed donut, as Krispy Kreme here in South Korea is now giving them away at certain times. I do have to say that these are so wonderfully soft and puffy when they are fresh and hot, and it melted in my mouth almost like Cotton Candy.

After receiving my free donut, I ordered the Twinkle Mermaid, the Caribbean Lovely Duck, and the Caribbean Flamingo donuts.

I also got a Café Latte to help me wash down all the sugar I was about to consume.

Sitting down at my table, I was very impressed with the visuals that the donuts presented. They looked absolutely great, just like the images on the Krispy Kreme website.

The first donut that I decided to try out was the Caribbean Flamingo. This donut was an Original Glazed donut covered in pink watermelon icing, and with a cute pink flamingo chocolate sticking out.

This donut was just okay. The watermelon icing was very thick and sweet, but the flavor was a bit off, and didn’t taste like really good watermelon candy. The donut itself was okay, but not a hot and fresh one like I had just tried, so it was a bit drier.

Next up, it was time to try the Caribbean Lovely Duck. This was again a regular Original Glazed donut, but this one was covered with a thick mango flavoured glaze, and also had a very cute baby duck’s head chocolate on it.

This one tasted better than the Caribbean Flamingo donut. The mango flavor was sweet, but not overly so, and the icing was a bit thinner so it was not quite so overpowering. The donut base again was drier compared to a hot and fresh Original Glazed, but not stale.

Finally, I tried the Twinkle Mermaid donut. This was again an Original Glazed donut for the base, which was covered with a mauve layer of soda-flavoured icing, sprinkled with sugar crystals, and topped with a mermaid tail chocolate and some whipped cream in the middle.

This donut was probably my favourite of the three, if only for the cream in the middle. The whipped cream that they use is very tasty, light, and just a bit sweet.

The mermaid tail was an interesting touch, but the chocolate didn’t have much flavor. The sugar crystals added a unique texture and crunchiness to the donut. The soda flavoured icing actually had a bit of a blueberry taste to me, and didn’t seem that special.

Overall, the three new Krispy Kreme donuts were underwhelming. The icing flavours were passable, and the donut bases were nowhere near as tasty as a hot and fresh Original Glazed donut from Krispy Kreme.

In addition, the chocolate decorations that they use on these donuts don’t have any special flavours, which I think would make it much more interesting if they could do something like that.

Considering the donuts are almost 3,000 won, or $3 a piece, I would have preferred something tastier.

Fortunately for Krispy Kreme they have an excellent product in the Original Glazed, and it’s a good thing they only have limited free tasting days, as otherwise there might be a line-up out the door.

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